You've probably never met someone as bubbly and enthusiastic as Anita. She is a charmer who always finds a way to make people smile.

When you consider that Anita is also our highest-rated buyers agent, you can see why so many of her clients are repeats and referrals. It's been said that Anita could find a home for anyone!

Client Reviews

As A designer working for Jen, I cannot say enough about how open and agreeable she is to work with. She has a positive and cheerful attitude and always speaks with respect about her clients. She goes the extra mile for her clients.  Jen is a gem in Tucson.

Colorizing J

"Wow. Talk about an experienced Professional. The first house I bought using Jen as my realtor was on a bank-owned property and had more twists and turns than I thought possible. Jen was on top of them at every turn and stopped them from twisting too hard. Then when I sold the house, my buyers were using a brand new agent. Not only did Jen have to essentially handle both sides of the transaction, she mentored that agent throughout the whole process. Never did Jen complain – she said it was just part of how she does business. I will never consider using anyone else but Jen – she saved me a lot of money, time and aggravation and totally trust her in every way."

Chuck Z

Sherry is a one of a kind wonderful person. Was a pleasure to work with Sherry. I hope we can always make dreams come true for our clients.


"I have worked with Arlene in the past on numerous occasions and I have always been impressed with her knowledge, professionalism, enthusiasm and creativity.  These four traits always seemed genuine within Arlene and I greatly admire that about her.  I would have ZERO reservations about hiring her as my Realtor.  I would definitely trust Arlene with facilitating the sale or purchae of one of my houses."

Jeff K

Listed and Sold Home in 4 Days! July, 2014 "Jen was extremely professional and knowledgeable. She communicated beautifully with me, and made the process quick and easy. She was very sensitive to my needs, and helped me every step along the way. She is terrific!" 


"We're so thankful for everything you did to sell 4th Ave. and know that nobody could have done it as quickly and for more money. You exceeded our expectations. The heart you put into your work is limitless and there's no doubt you're the best at what you do." 

Miller F

"I had an extraordinarily positive experience over several months and feel compelled to convey it to you. The extraordinary part began just after she listed and advertised the property.  She kept me informed from the very first day-- calling and/or e-mailing with information that was relevant to the sale.  She told me what I needed to do to bring the house to an appropriate "showable" condition.  She even helped me find a cleaning crew and repair crews to assist in my "remote" sale.  Jen was also willing to (and did) tidy a few things up until the crews were able to get there.  These crews did an excellent job and were very reasonable in their costs.Jen's ability to take care of everything gave me great comfort that I picked the right company to represent my brother's house.  Of course, I know that it is really the individual that is the face of the company, so I am writing so you understand what it meant to this client." 

Greg F

"My wife and I wanted to let Long Realty Co. know how extremely pleased we are with one of your agents, Jen O'Brien.  Jen has been very helpful in the process of buying and selling our house in Tucson.  The one thing that she does best is no matter how busy she is, she acts as if you are her only client.  She is very professional and we will continue to recommend Jen and Long Realty to our friends moving to Tucson. Thanks again!"

Michael &

"Thank you very much for all of your hard work and dedication in helping me purchase my new home!  I really enjoyed working with you and your professionalism and courtesy were greatly appreciated.  If you ever need a reference, don't hesitate to call. Thanks again!"

Brian V

"It has been such a pleasure working with you. You are incredibly responsive, intuitive and an awesome agent. Thank you for being so level headed during an incredibly stressful and emotional time for us. You always had all the answers for us and made it so easy for us to put our complete trust and faith in you. We look forward to finishing this journey with you and sending lots of future business your way."

Chach, T

"Jen got in touch with us within a half hour of me asking for more information on a property we saw on Zillow. After a brief conversation she setup MLS to send us listing that met our criteria. As we reviewed some properties, we spoke again and she refined the search. It was quite efficient as it allowed us to narrow the search from about 80 properties to 7 which she showed us......all in one day even though they were all over Tucson and Oro Valley. When it came to making an offer, Jen knew exactly what to do and recommended ways to ensure our offer was reviewed before other offers were available given the property had only been listed for 1 day; it worked. Then, through the entire process of inspections and closing she was right on top of it all. From offer to closing was only 20 calendar days! Post closing, she provided us with recommendations for pool and yard services which are working out great."

The D

"I had a nightmare last 10 days before closing my latest flip house. Thanks to the super-talented Jennifer O'Brien from Long Realty we actually closed a day early!! Lots of issues came up due to lots of outside parties - If I didn't have Jen helping out, I would have absolutely pulled all of my hair out (no "you don't have that much left anyway jokes"). Thank you Jen!"

Charles A

Jen was terrific to work with and brought a very positive approach to selling our house. Because of her experience and knowledge she was able to shepherd the transactions through to a smooth completion. She has assembled a great team of people to work with, such as a fantastic photographer, and this resulted in our house selling quickly and without major snags. We would definitely work with Jen again!  

John T

"I recently purchased a home in Tucson during what may well turn out to be the most challenging time in history! Jen was like a breath of fresh air. She made this purchase one of the smoothest I have ever been involved in. From the negotiation through the final closing she was always there for daily updates, suggestions, and many recommendations for all things Real Estate! She is a true professional who knows Tucson inside and out! I would recommend her to anyone for either buying, or selling their home." 

Gregory W

"My husband and family and I recently purchased a home in Tucson with Jen O'Brien as our Realtor.  The experience was a tough one in this economy but Jen was there to make it the best experience it could have been.  Without her as our realtor we may have given up our dream of moving.  Not only did she get two homes sold in this crazy state of real estate, but she also found an amazing home for us to buy and held our hand through every step each of three transactions-- the buying part being a short sale.  Jen put in countless hours to make this short sale happen as quickly as it could.  not only is she a true professional in every sense of the word, she is also a caring human being who was able to place herself in our shoes and look at this process as not only business transactions, but also the emotional and life changing experiences they are.Jen is an amazing person and an absolutely astounding real estate agent!

Lyn S

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with you.  Your attention to detail, hard work, determination and great customer service  are the only reasons we were able to sell so quickly in the midst of the worst housing slump in over 25 years. Your guidance and enthusiasm gave us the utmost confidence.  We never has a doubt the house would sell, not once.  The patience and compassion you displayed, when talking with me wife and I eased our minds during what would have otherwise been an incredibly stressful time.  It felt as if you gently took our hands and carefully walked us through a dangerous field, full of landmines, and brought us safely through to the other side.Frankly I could go on and on bragging about you and our fantastic experience but then we risk having people think your mom wrote this.  So let me end by saying, I would highly recommend you and your services to anyone.  Regardless of whether they are buying or selling a home.  It's clear to see why you are one of the top agents in the country, but for our money, and just as importantly, our peace of mind, there is no better, competent or dedicated agent. Period."

Jennifer J

"We wanted you to know how much we appreciate all you have done for us.  You will always have my recommendation. Thanks again."

Janae, J

"From the moment we met you, you have been nothing but patient, helpful and so kind.  Robert and I are so thankful for all of your help and for being there any time of day or night!  You made purchasing a home so much easier than I would have ever imagined.  We appreciate everything you have done for us.  Thank you so much!" 

Robert a

"Jen got in touch with us within a half hour of me asking for more information on a property we saw on Zillow. After a brief conversation she setup MLS to send us listing that met our criteria. As we reviewed some properties, we spoke again and she refined the search. It was quite efficient as it allowed us to narrow the search from about 80 properties to 7 which she showed us......all in one day even though they were all over Tucson and Oro Valley. When it came to making an offer, Jen knew exactly what to do and recommended ways to ensure our offer was reviewed before other offers were available given the property had only been listed for 1 day; it worked. Then, through the entire process of inspections and closing she was right on top of it all. From offer to closing was only 20 calendar days! Post closing, she provided us with recommendations for pool and yard services which are working out great."

The D

"You are exceptional at anything you do.  This will be no different."

Tenny M

"We had an exceptionally enjoyable and successful experience as clients of Arlene.  She is smart, wise and fun.  She quickly learned our tastes and aspirations.  She took us to homes that had real potential for us, without wasting time with properties that didn't fit our budget or our dreams.  She did a vast amount of homework and provided us with detailed information both at our request, but also - invaluable! - to meet our unrecognized needs.  We greatly appreciated her patience and her kindness.  We feel very fortunate to have had her guidance as we searched for, discovered and eventualy purchased a house we love; and we're grateful for her delightful willingness to be a continuing source of information as we settle into our new home and community. With conviction and enthusiasm, we commend her to you."

JW &

“Thanks for your patience with our long house hunt and the grace you showed handling all our challenges along the way! It’s been a pleasure working with you and most of all: thanks for working with us to get our new home for our growing family.”

Heather a

We are among Jen’s older clients.  She recently guided us through both the sale of our home and the extensive search to locate and purchase our new residence.  During our 42 years and seven residences in Tucson, Jen is the most outstanding realtor we have dealt with.  She has impressive knowledge of her profession, is extremely responsive and was always careful to make sure we were comfortable. She is honest with her clients and straight forward when the need arises. Few realtors we have known have the poise and fine attitude that Jen possesses naturally. We heartily recommend Jen to represent any new client.

Bill a

Listed and Sold Home in 4 Days! July, 2014 "Jen was extremely professional and knowledgeable. She communicated beautifully with me, and made the process quick and easy. She was very sensitive to my needs, and helped me every step along the way. She is terrific!" 


"We're so thankful for everything you did to sell 4th Ave. and know that nobody could have done it as quickly and for more money. You exceeded our expectations. The heart you put into your work is limitless and there's no doubt you're the best at what you do." 

Miller F

"I had an extraordinarily positive experience over several months and feel compelled to convey it to you. The extraordinary part began just after she listed and advertised the property.  She kept me informed from the very first day-- calling and/or e-mailing with information that was relevant to the sale.  She told me what I needed to do to bring the house to an appropriate "showable" condition.  She even helped me find a cleaning crew and repair crews to assist in my "remote" sale.  Jen was also willing to (and did) tidy a few things up until the crews were able to get there.  These crews did an excellent job and were very reasonable in their costs.Jen's ability to take care of everything gave me great comfort that I picked the right company to represent my brother's house.  Of course, I know that it is really the individual that is the face of the company, so I am writing so you understand what it meant to this client." 

Greg F

"John and I want to express our thanks to you for all you have done to make our arrival in Tucson and the move to our new home so easy.  All you did has been greatly appreciated and we especially want to thank you for the donation you made to the Long Realty Cares Foundation in our honor.  What a worthwhile charity and hope the community benefits from your generosity."

Mary &

"Thank you so much for going above and beyond to sell our home!  We really appreciate all of your advice and extra time you took to help us understand every step in the sale of our first home!  We can't imagine anyone better to rely on and will definitely use you again!  Thank you again Jen!"

Carolyn, T

Dear Carrie,     Just a short note to thank you for all your efforts in getting our house sold in such a short time after we listed with you.     We really appreciate all your help and suggestions.  We also liked the way you handled all the paper work during and after the closing     In our opinion you are one of the few real estate agents who is really on the ball, and very professional.  Thanks again and best regards.                                                                                Sincerely,                                                                               Jennie & Jim Mangiaguerra

Jennie M

Ed,     I would like to express my appreciation and give recognition to Carrie Pape, the real estate agent whom PruRelocation referred me to.     I have had many experiences working with people providing me with a service and never before has anyone displayed both extreme professionalism and a genuine desire to do what's best for me.  Carrie took the time to not only show me houses in the various sections of Tucson, but also gave me a sense of what living in each area would be like by taking me to nearby attractions, such as parks, restaurants, shopping centers as well as clocking distances from a prospective home.  I was never pressured to make a decision nor was I pushed into higher priced homes.  In fact, Carrie also took care of several steps in the housing buying process which I'm almost certain most agents would have left for the buyer to handle.  Some of these things, such as checking before the closing to verify the sellers had left behind in the house what they were required to, would have gone undone as I would not have thought of these things.Sincerely,Kevin SchwartsEd,I would like for Carrie Pape to receive the enclosed check as a bonus for her dedicated work in assisting me with my home-finding.  As is typical of her professinalism, she would not accept anything directly from me, so I please ask that you see that she receives this bonus.Thank you,Kevin Schwartz

Kevin S

In our initial contact with Brenda she struck us as a very forthright, honest individual. She repeatedly stepped beyond what was called for in her efforts to assist us. Brenda proved herself very patient, considerate and forthcoming. She is outstanding in her field. 

Vic &

I have known Damion since birth.He has a very memorable personality. In fact, I don’t think I will ever be able to forget the first time I saw him. From the very start I was impressed by his promptness. Once he knew the correct course, he wasted no time in arriving. His punctuality has continued to this day.From the beginning of our relationship Damion was always able to express himself and make his needs known. He was originally more comfortable with subtle types of communication such as facial of body gestures, but in time learned to be more verbal.Damion eventually became the most charming conversationalist who can be consistently counted upon for opinion and insight into any situation. Some of the consistent qualities I have observed in Damion include : ethics beyond reproach, a true sense of values, concern for global issues and commitment to his word.I can honestly say that I can count on having a close relationship with Damion Alexander for th rest of my life.

Damion's M

This overdue letter is to thank you for helping us find and settle comfortably into our Tucson home. Ed and I realize that we really surprised and challenged you when we informed you on a Friday afternoon of our desire to find a house by Sunday morning. It was very impressive that you really listened closely to our extensive lists of needs and wants (and, don’t wants) and developed in one evening a tour book of very viable prospects for us to view the next day. It was wonderful to return to Texas and California on Sunday with a contract already in the works! In addition to your professionalism, we also appreciate your sense of humor and your good neighbor attitude – your suggestions of where we might obtain various services in Tucson were and continue to be very helpful. Your periodic check up on phone calls are appreciated, too.

Cindy a

Thank you for all of your help over the last year. Buying a house was a very new (and somewhat intimidating) experience for us, and we really couldn't have done it without you.  You made it easy and fun! I know you were just doing your job, but you went way above the call of duty for us, and we really appreciate your patience. You are a good friend. Thank you. Bobby & Jessica T

Bobby &

We used Gregg to buy our house and had a great experience. He is easy to work with and very knowledgeable about the real estate business. I will continue to highly recommend Gregg Maul to all my family and friends.


 "Sold our home just in the nick of time, Right down to the wire, Because we wanted to do it on our own. Gregg sold it and put us into our dream home. then years later sold that home and we moved to CA"

Ron a

This is just a belated "thank you" for all you did for me in both the purchase of my new home and the sale of my townhome. I'm so indebted to you for going the extra mile for me when my knee bummed out and I couldn't finish cleaning and prepping the town home. How many realtors would rake your yard and spiff up the flower beds?You are truly one in a million. It was FUN house hunting with you and it was a pleasure to plow through the paperwork with you- definitely not my favorite part.I’m happy as a clam in my new place and, as I think back, there were times when I was ready to settle for something and you said it didn’t have enough of what I wanted and you were right. You were patient a with me and pushed me to stick with it, and together, we found my “home sweet home”.Best to you I’ll keep your card in case I run into someone who needs a super Realtor.

Karen T

We consider the day we met Brenda an incredible stroke of luck! When we were ready to buy a house in Tucson, Brenda made finding the right property as easy as turning on our computer. She stayed on top of every detail of our transaction from offer to close and kept both sellers and buyers happy through the process. Since we were 1400 miles away the entire time, having the deal move so smoothly was a huge relief. Brenda is a terrific communicator and I have never dealt with a more professional real estate broker. We only wish she were licensed in Washington as well! We could use her services here too!

Steve a

Many, many Thanks for the Professional and caring way you handled the transaction of the sale of our Sunrise Ridge Townhome. It was the smoothest closing we have ever been through thanks to your forethought and careful planning.In addition, thank you for the friendship you extended to us and the loyalty you showed through times of non-activity in the process. Your tips for changes we needed to make and your steadfast dedication to advertising are what got the house sold in timely a manner.  

Gerrie a

Brenda insured that everything went smoothly with our home purchase. It was remarkably hassle free especially given that this was a “long-distance” transaction. If I hear of anyone moving to the Tucson area, I will without hesitation have them contact Brenda O’Brien

Bonnita R

Brenda has been really great to work with. Brenda’s quality of service is professional yet people friendly with compassion. She truly takes customer service to the highest level. Her service has been both very unique and special

Marco &

Brenda made our home buying experience easy and hassle free. This was the best home buying experience we’ve ever had. We will use her services again. 

John &

You sold our home in four days, for full price, and you were able to negotiate for us to maintain occupancy for three months until our new home was completed. You helped eliminate what could have been an extremely stressful situation and we’re really impressed!Your efforts to make sure we put our house in model shape prior to listing it really paid off. Having the fliers and other information in the house as soon as it was in MLS also made a big difference.We will definitely recommend you to our friends. If you ever want a referral, please ask prospective clients to give us a call.P.S. We love the photo of our little dog Lu that you put on the door asking people to take care not to let her out. What a nice touch.

Peggy J

Brenda provides that dynamic balance of incredible service and motivation with warmth, energy and understanding of your individual needs. Her years of experience as a Realtor are reflected in her success and passion for her work. Her personal energy and professional skills make her one of the best in her field. Nothing makes her happier than to see her clients total satisfaction with their new home

Dr. R

Brenda has been wonderful to work with in every way. She stays right on top of every detail and keeps things working smoothly. She is the best Realtor we ever had! We highly recommend her!!

Bob &

I cannot say enough good things about Rob Dauernheim. He made the home buying process for a 1st time home buyer painless and informative. Rob is excellent at listening to what you are looking for and helping find what is in your price range as soon as it hits the market to make sure you do not miss  out on your dream home. Rob went above and beyond with negotiations to get our closing costs covered and to ensure that we got to close on our new home on time. He is super knowledgeable about the area and the market. Rob is also fantastic at communicating and being accessible. One of the many instances of this was him taking us out to re-show us a home at eight o’clock at night, after he was already at home. Rob also has stayed in touch to ensure that the home is still everything we wanted and that nothing popped up after closing. I would recommend all of my friends and family to him in a heartbeat.


We would unhesitatingly recommend Brenda’s services to others who are considering buying or selling a home. The entire process was accomplished in a most professional and pleasant manner. Because Brenda is so competent, the whole process seemed too good to be true!

Arlin &

We want to thank Brenda for the super service she rendered in the sale of our home.  Brenda handled herself in a very professional way, with dedication, and always friendly

Bill a

We were just blown away by Brenda’s total professionalism and generosity on our visit with her.  We’ve never seen such thorough preparation and command of one’s profession as Brenda displayed and we have been around with many, many agents in the past.

Dean &

We interviewed agents from three companies - Brenda was (is) head and shoulders better than the other two agents. I’ve had bad experience with real estate agents in the past. Brenda showed another kind of agent. She knew the property, anticipated our needs and was very professional.


Moving, whether cross country or across the street, is always a traumatic time for anyone. Brenda made this particular cross country move as pleasant and as easy as it could be. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a professional agent to assist them

Jean F

Brenda and her sales team are knowledgeable, diligent and dedicated real estate professionals. The quality of service that Brenda and her team provided in finding the perfect home for us was top-notch. They love their work and it shows. Working with them has mattered a great deal

Paul &

"Gregg stuck with us until our home sold. His honesty is second to none. He’s just good people

John a

My husband and I wish to express how pleased we are to have had Damion Alexander as our real estate agent. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Damion showed us a great deal of patience in our search and made finding a new home a pleasent endeavor. When it came time to negotiate our house, his expertise on procedure was invaluable. Damion saved us $30,000. Att he time of our home inspection, he pointed out several defects that both my husband and I never noticed. Because of his keen eye, the problems were taken care of immediately. At the closing, Damion once again came ot our aid by catching a serious error in our mortgage. We are very grateful to Damion and would not hesitite to recommend him as a top notch agent.

Joe a

Congratulations on your new baby girl.Thank you so much for the additional (after the sale) assistance you’ve given me with our home in Tucson. It’s hard to believe that it is been almost 4 years since we made the purchase. Living full-time in Ohio, we haven’t had the opportunity to visit as much as we’d hoped and consequently haven’t been able to look after the home regularly. It’s been comforting to know that you’ve been available and willing to look after the home regularly.  situations that have It’s been confronting to know that you’ve been available and willing to look after various situations that have needed attention in our absence. Anytime you might need a reference, don’t hesitate to have anyone call me. Healthy and Happy New Year to you and your family.

J.M. R

The Brenda O’Brien Team is experienced, knowledgeable and truly make the buying & selling a home in the Tucson area a delight. I have and will recommend and use Brenda for any real estate transaction in the future

Colleen S

As first time home sellers we relied heavily on Brenda’s expertise and in all ways she exceeded our expectations.  I have already recommended Brenda to many of our friends.  When we are ready to sell our next home, we plan on calling Brenda.

John a

We have already begun recommending Brenda to other prospective buyers.  Breezy, candid and direct, Brenda did her homework and truly represented our best interests.  We found her to be personable, knowledgeable and professional. 

Matt a

We have never worked with a realtor who is so personable and professional.  Brenda and her staff truly listened to what we wanted and helped us find it, even making the process fun!  When presenting our offer, she proved she was the ultimate negotiator!

Dennis &

Brenda managed the sale of our rental property professionally and efficiently.  Her extra effort and negotiating skills were instrumental in closing the transaction with our buyer.  She was always in communication with us.  We wouldn’t hesitate a moment to recommend Brenda to anyone wishing to sell their home.

Garry &

Brenda is patient.  If clients are nervous and are not familiar with the home buying and selling experience, she patiently walks them through the intimidating process. I ended the experience with feeling of peace.

Paul &

The whole Experience with the Brenda O’Brien team was a pleasure with one upside surprise atop another. Thoroughness, timeliness and tenacity sum up what makes them a breed apart. As we searched for the right home for us, Brenda never wavered or displayed any frustration...always finding another “dream” home for us until we found the right one together.

Dave &

It was truly a pleasure dealing with Brenda O’Brien during our recent purchase. She was a bundle of energy, enthusiasm and niceness. As a real estate agent myself, I knew we would buy a home from you – I was very comfortable with your professionalism and caring.  Next we were truly amazed with your follow-up. We appreciated your assistance throughout the whole transaction and after.  Brenda is definitely a dynamo and I will send you every referral possible —you made it happen.

Janet &

Best real estate experience we ever had!  We have, combined, probably had about 10 real estate “experiences” (buying and selling) in our lives. You are far and away, the most professional, competent, and just plain nice people either of us have ever worked with on real estate matters

Anji S

"One year to find our house for us and a persistent fight to get a good price for our home."

Bill a

Long Realty is the biggest real estate agency in Arizona.  If you don’t believe it, just ask them to show you the figures! Sometimes the biggest isn’t always the best. Brenda convinced us that SHE is the Best of the Biggest!  A friend referred Brenda to us and for that we’re very grateful! If it weren’t for Brenda, this deal would probably not have gone through! 

Jeff &

Brenda O’Brien and her team did a great job even after the sale.  Brenda and her “crew” do far more than any buyer can normally expect.  Even after the sale is consummated.

Kenneth K

Having Brenda handle the sale of our home made it a happy experience instead of a trial. She and her team handled the details with dispatch and clarity, always keeping us informed on developments. We recommend Brenda highly as a Realtor.

Bob a

Exceptional service from a true professional, Brenda!

Gloria E

Exceptional service from a true professional, Brenda!

Gloria E

Over the course of thirty-odd years of buying homes we have dealt with a number of Realtors in both Canada and the U.S., and clearly Brenda and her team set the standard against which the rest must be measured.  Not knowing anyone in Tucson, we sourced Brenda via the internet, where we were immediately impressed by her obvious Internet-saviness. From our first telephone call and first meeting, we found that Brenda is exactly as she presents herself; friendly, positive, energetic, and – very important in a top -flight realtor – an excellent listener.  When we located the condo we wanted ( and it was very quickly) her support through the negotiating and closing period was terrific. She never “let go” of us until the deal was finished, all the snags were un-snagged, and we were actually there to take the keys.  When she promised to do something, she ALWAYS delivered. She gave excellent advice during negotiations.  We can’t say enough good thing about Brenda O’Brien. She’s the absolute best and a credit to Realtors

John a

We couldn’t have had a better agent representing us.  Brenda was open, honest, helpful and kept us informed and up to the minute on other comparable sales.  We were confident we knew the market from her frequent postings. 

Sharon a

I have recently engaged the services of real estate agent Cindie Wolfe to assist in the sale of a home I own out of state. Over the years , I have been involved in the sale of several houses, and this experience has been the most pleasant. Cindie has definitely handled all related matters very conscoentiosuly and responsibly. Even though I have been out of state she has mailtained a consistent level of timely communication to keep me informed of the status of the documents, repairs,etc. I could not have asked for better service.I have enjoyed working with Cindie and would highly recommend her to anyone in the process of buying or selling a home.

Brenda did a fantastic job of putting together a deal for us in three days!  We signed papers, left the state and escrow closed without a hitch, in 30 days.  Even though we were out of state, everything was handled professionally, with great attention to detail and we never had to worry about a thing.  Brenda was terrific! 

Jackie &

Brenda & her team were wonderful to work with.  Very professional and knowledgeable.  Brenda was extremely helpful.  She had great insight into the homes in our market range and her area of sale.  I have already recommended friends to her.  She came highly recommended from a dear friend who sells real estate in Minnesota.  I said I wanted the best and she exceeded my expectations

Jim W

If you are thinking about buying or selling a home, look no further than Brenda.  She is truly wonderful.  She continuously goes above and beyond the normal call of duty to give the absolute finest service available.   Reflecting back on our transactions, we realize how awe-inspiring her accomplishments for us were.

Jim &

"The sale of our home had to be the worst for Gregg, I was right in the middle of a lot of family problems, that I didn’t think were ever going to end. We sold above market thanks to Gregg."


It was a pleasure to deal with Pat and Brenda O’Brien in the recent purchase of our house in Tucson.  They were recommended to us by a friend and we know why.  Pat was extremely patient with us as we made multiple trips to Tucson narrowing down our search to the specific area we liked. He was a good coach - not a sales guy - and always made the most of our time together.  Pat and Brenda are both real pro’s.  We appreciated the depth of their support structure, their follow through and personal dedication to getting the job done for us.

Hal &

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the services of you and your team in the purchase of our new home.  We were impressed with the quality of the Brenda O’Brien Team and Long Realty from the beginning, you definitely made the whole process run smoothly from start to finish.  In the future, the Brenda O’Brien Team will always be our first choice when it comes to selling or purchasing our next home.   Thank you again for the excellent service, we look forward to working with you in the future.  Rest assured we will refer your services at every opportunity. 

Farrah &

The services provided by Brenda, Pat and the rest of the team could not have been better.  In addition to the valuable guidance they provided, they were always warm, personable, and caring.  After the closing, they continued to be there to answer any questions we had, and to make our transition easier.  We are impressed with the effort it took to provide such service and the genuineness of the people who rendered it.

Jonathan a

It is hard to believe that almost a year ago Marcie and I met with you in the hope of relocating to Tucson and finding our “dream home”.  From that very first day, we never doubted who you represented, which was with great comfort, considering our undertaking from the frozen tundra of the Northeast.  We greatly appreciate the e-newsletters, digital postcards, and all of the “extra touches”.  Thank you for making the stressful tasks of home building and buying a pleasurable experience.  We wish you and your talented team much success in your Real Estate endeavors and would gladly (and highly) recommend your services.

Joseph &

My hisband and I have been working with Cindie Wolfe for the last 5 months. We have also known Cindie for the last 10 years. When we decided to buy real estate in Tucson AZ we went to her. We did a 1031 exchange from California to Tucson , we bought 3 homes in the last 4 months. Cindie was excellent in Handling  each one, getting the inspections done, working close with the escrow and nortage  officer. We highly recommend her for your Real Estate needs

Connie K

We indeed enjoyed working with Brenda.  She listened to our needs & desires.  Then she and Pat did lots of homework, showed us examples of what we requested and found a house we really felt we could make a home.  Every detail was done on time and Brenda’s personality makes me feel I can call about any question in the future. 

Dave &

Brenda is the Best!  Efficient, patient and knowledgeable.  A pleasure to work with

James S

My wife and I cannot say enough about Brenda O’Brien and her “Team” regarding how smoothly they brought our real estate transaction in Tucson to fruition.   We live in Michigan but have had a condo in Tucson for several years.  We decided we wanted to sell the condo and purchase a home. Through Brenda’s expertise and diligence, (does she ever take time off!?), we were successful in selling our condo and buying a beautiful retirement dream home in Tucson.  I was able to close on both properties within one hour at the same office with Brenda by my side - she made it happen!  I don’t believe we have ever dealt with a more conscientious, professional.  Brenda’s Team would be the only Realtor we’ll recommend.  

Dr. R

Here we were in Nevada but with the constant help thru fax and telephone calls the O’Briens were the best.  Pat found our dream home for us when we came out for a week to look.  He made the negotiation and paperwork go smoothly, coordinating with the sale of our Nevada home so we could move right in here.  If you are looking for the “best” go with the Brenda O’Brien Team.  We have been in our new home for two months and everyday we just can’t believe we are in this beautiful home. 

Tom &

I had a short time frame to sell my home.  A friend recommended Brenda and she came with a plan of action.  Not only did she put my home on the market - she “marketed” my home.  She did all she said she was going to do and more.  I highly recommend her and her team.

Mary K

We have bought and sold several homes over the years.  A friend referred Brenda O’Brien to us.  Of all the Realtors we have dealt with, Brenda is the most professional, positive, knowledgeable and helpful Realtor we have ever encountered.  We were in one state and the house we were selling was 1300 miles away.  Brenda handled everything with ease. She kept us well informed from beginning to end.  The entire process was accomplished in a very professional and expeditious manner.  You can be assured we will refer your agency at every opportunity.  Thanks again Brenda for an outstanding job.

John &

We were very pleased with our experience with Brenda.  From the first time I contacted Brenda on the internet she was always responsive.  She handled the negotiations professionally and with care.  And she was very thorough and attentive to detail. We have already recommended Brenda to a couple we found looking at the development where we bought, and we would enthusiastically recommend her to others.  We have done a number of residential real estate transactions over the years, and Brenda was the most knowledgeable and conscientious broker we have worked with.

Jim &

Brenda grasped my objective and was a provider of information spanning over a year in time.  I initially contacted several agents, and narrowed the list down to two, and then there was Brenda, who was quickly identified as being my number one choice to represent me.  As expected, her performance was flawless.  I respect, appreciate, and have learned from Brenda’s professionalism, and attention to detail.

Rick B

Brenda & her team was a pleasure to work with.  They answered all of our questions and continuously kept us informed during the home buying process.  Brenda and her team are true professionals and they exceeded all of our expectations.  It is evident that the Brenda O’Brien Team is committed to incredible customer service before and after the closing. 

Brian &

Your services were very professional and we felt your communication with us was excellent. We have very very positive thoughts about the Brenda O’Brien Team and the Long Realty Team.

John &

At our first meeting, we immediately felt so at ease. You radiate the knowledge, confidence and professionalism for success. You couldn’t get any more dynamic than you already are. We are so happy that we worked with you - Top job. We certainly would recommend you to future clients.

Paul &

Brenda was the third REALTOR I worked with. The moment I met her, I knew she was special and that she would sell my place...she did. I found Brenda passionate about her profession and also a wonderful, caring human being, Her abilities and awareness were reassuring as she came alongside me throughout the process of selling my home. I felt supported in every way possible, she gave me encouragement and confidence.  If you are familiar with Tucson artist Diana Madaras...Brenda is the Tucson Real Estate what Diana Madaras is to Tucson art – colorful, creative, expressive, profession and beautiful. I will always be grateful to Brenda and her staff.  I feel blessed to have worked with them.

Lyn N

The Brenda O’Brien Team was terrific to work with. Pat found us a beautiful home in Tucson that was exactly what we were looking for. Despite the fact that we were relocating from the East Coast and could not be present for the negotiations and closing, Pat acted in our behalf and closely protected our interests in our absence. He worked closely with our realty company in Virginia to ensure that the selling and buying process proceeded as smoothly as possible. It is because of the highly professional, yet personal and caring attention that the Brenda O’Brien team afforded us t

Jason &

"We had more more problems that we knew what to do with. Problems from our old business, long distance traveling, credit problems that weren’t even ours. Gregg got us through it all."

Joan &

We've moved four states in the last 10 years...this was our easiest, most efficient and carefree transaction ever! Kathy and Don are communicative, hard working, and accessible. They were even there for us after the move! 

Jeff a

When we began our plans to move from the San Francisco area to Tucson, we used the internet to find a Realtor. The Brenda O’Brien website was the one we chose due to its friendly and thorough format. After emailing and speaking with Pat, we chose the Brenda O’Brien Team to assist us in finding a home in Oro Valley. Pat was excellent, Brenda was very helpful and professional. We will always be grateful for the quality service. We love our home.

Jon &

after dealing with another agent for months getting nowhere i brought greg onboard and within days he had a buyer interested in my home when i go to buy or sell greg is my agent he knows his trade


I am glad that I chose Brenda O’Brien to handle the sale of my home. Everything went very smoothly. Brenda was completely professional and never failed to answer any question that I had. She is a top-notch Realtor in every aspect and she is a pleasure to work with

Lori P

Upon the initial meeting with Brenda and reviewing the possible listing of our home, we were pleasantly surprised with the listing price she suggested. Furthermore, we were happy to see her confidence and enthusiasm when she stated she could see it quickly. And she did, 4 days later! She and her team followed the sale to its closing in a very professional and astute manor even after hitting a few “speed Bumps” that needed to be worked out. We are very happy with the expertise of Brenda and her team. We will definitely call upon Brenda for any future real estate needs and sincerely would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Ron a

Brenda did a great job of selling our home. From start to finish she was very professional. We chose Brenda to represent us in our sale because she was the first Realtor we met that recognized what a great neighborhood we live in and priced homes to maximize their value for the Seller. Thanks again for making our sale a “smooth sail”.

Terry &

We want to extend our deepest appreciation for all the little things you took care of for us. Your persistence and patience helping to finalize our purchase did not go unnoticed. We are glad to have had you as our realtors, and also as our new friends.  A heart-felt thank you! Doug and KathleenThank you for helping us through our first house-buying experience! We really appreciate everything you've done for us.

Jennifer a

Brenda O’Brien is a consummate real estate professional. For several years, she e-mailed to me residential listed properties for sale in the Tucson area. After finally making a decision to purchase, I flew to Tucson from Minneapolis and met with Brenda. She had arranged to view properties with me over a long weekend.  I made an offer on a home which ideally suited my desires. Brenda skillfully and efficiently coordinated the closing by mail and internet. She and her team have my strongest recommendation.

Glenn K

Brenda O’Brien is a consummate real estate professional. For several years, she e-mailed to me residential listed properties for sale in the Tucson area. After finally making a decision to purchase, I flew to Tucson from Minneapolis and met with Brenda. She had arranged to view properties with me over a long weekend.  I made an offer on a home which ideally suited my desires. Brenda skillfully and efficiently coordinated the closing by mail and internet. She and her team have my strongest recommendation.

Glenn K

It’s been just over a month since we closed escrow on our new home. I did want to take a minute to thank you again the fantastic job that you and your team did for our family. I think it warrants special consideration due to my background. I have been a manager for a Mortgage Banking Company for nearly 20 years, and have personally closed nearly 4000 real estate transactions. More than anyone, I know what is really “above and beyond”.  I can honestly say that in my business I have dealt with many, many different Realtors, and you and your team rank among the best I have ever seen.

Greg &

Thank you for hleping me find a home here in Phoenix! My house is great and I'm getting to know my neighors and neighborhood. I love the fact that it's only about 10 miles to my office and my commuite is less than a half an hour! My route takes me along the base of South Mountain which is picturesque, it's kind of soothing after a long day at work. It was such fun getting to know you and your family during our hours of searching for a home. I sincerely appreicate all the time you spent sorting through MLS sheets, narrowing down the possibilies, arranging showings, and acting as a chauffeur while showing me around town, plugging addresses into your navigation system, making U turns and detours to find the next house, stopping for lunch! I kind of miss those days. When we finally found a house, taking care of all the paperwork, arranging to meet with inspectors, scheduling closings, phone calls by the dozen, and a thousand other little details. It's nice to know there are people like you that can maintain a sense of fun, but act professionally, courteously, and thoroughly when required. I wish you lots of success in your real esate career! Thanks again!

Rick K

Simply put…Brenda is, by far, the best Realtor we have ever worked with! From the listing to the “sold sign” she delivered professionalism and ethics. We will recommend her services every chance we get.  We can’t thank you enough Brenda

President, S

Working with Brenda O’Brien has been a delight. Her skill and efficiency made buying a house effortless. I would select Brenda in the future and recommend her team for a job well done

Joan K

Brenda did an outstanding job of advertising our home in all the appropriate places. She listened to what we expected regarding showing our  home. She was personally responsible in arranging and showing our home that resulted in sale. 18 days from sales contract to closing

Don D

We were very lucky to find the Brenda O’Brien team during our internet search for a good place to retire. From the beginning, with email and personal contact, O’Brien team members provided us with truthful and helpful information about the Tucson area. They were very understanding and helpful as we struggled with finding a perfect retirement home; it was a pleasure working with him. We strongly recommend this outstanding, professional team for all of your real estate needs

Richard &

We just employed Brenda to represent us as Buyers, for the second time. Brenda once again, demonstrated superior skills and professionalism. She is the best real estate professional we have encountered, and we have done a number of transactions over the years. She is knowledgeable, assertive and tactful. During this last transaction she saved us several thousand dollars by shrewdly negotiating. We strongly recommend Brenda

Jim &

Brenda did an outstanding job in marketing and selling our house in this difficult seller’s market. Her web site is by far the best we have seen and indeed we sold to an out-of-town buyer. Brenda made the process very easy for us and we were always kept well informed. If we ever have to buy or sell another house in Tucson there won’t be any decision to make concerning who we choose as a Realtor – it will be Brenda O’Brien and her team! 

Bob &

We found the Brenda O’Brien team to be very caring and professional. Our initial contact was Brenda’s web site. She called back immediately and was very helpful and knowledgeable about Tucson/Oro Valley area. Her entire team was very helpful with referrals including a mortgage lender and other services.  We would not hesitate to recommend Brenda and her entire team to my friends or anyone! They are the best

Bob &

To Whom it may concern:I would like to wholeheartedly recomend Cindie Wolfe as a caring and competent real eatate agent. I turned to Cindie when my house had lanquished on the market for many moths with almost no interest. The agent I was working with just told me to wait and someone would eventualy buy  the house. I waited for seven months with no serious offers. Finally, I called Cindie. She agreed to come by as a friend and give me some ideas about whet to do.We talked that day and I explained to her I was going to change realtors and this was her chance to convince me that I could sell my house. She gave me several ideas, most of them were low cost, nd the name of a competant person to get the job(s) done.Within 3 weeks the  house was transformed,Cindies ideas had given me the impetus to make some decisopns on the shortcomings of my home and to maximize its appeal. One week after the changes , the house was sold.It was not just Cindie's ideas that impressed me . Her attention to every detail befire and during the sale, her commitment to communication and willingness to be challenged, her professionalism and unflaging good spiritsall added up to a very pleasant expperience in a difficult stressful situation. Cindie's honesty and"lets get this done" attitude impressed and relaxed me. I knew I was in good hands.So I reiterate, if you are thinking of hiring Cindie Wolfe to help you sell your property I urge you to do it. She will be your steady guide through any unforseen difficulties, she will do it with care , professionalism and a sense of humor.

Bill M

When I decided to sell my home I wasn't sure exactly how to begin the process. Thankfully I found a flyer with Annette's number. I called Annette, and she was very helpful and willing to make my home selling experince as easy and comfortable for me as possible. Annette always made time to call me, and help me understand the Real Estate process.  She also went out of her way to call me, and make sure I was doing OK, even when she was on vacation! Annette was prompt, courteous, and very friendly.  When I decided to sell my house, ,I did not think it was going to be this easy! My house sold quickly thanks to Annette. I would recomment her to anyone interested in selling their home!

Becky K

 "We tried to sell our home as a for-sale-by-owner, but it would not sell. When we finally did what Gregg had suggested to us months before it sold in one day"", Northwest, 4.0 acres house property

Brent &

Working with Brenda was a pleasure. She had all the answers and followed through on all the services necessary. I have been buying and selling properties all my life and the quality of service from Brenda is the best there is.

Harry W

We are extremely pleased with your service and the ease with which you made our transition to the new home in Oro Valley. We previously contacted two Tucson realtors prior to calling in the “O’Brien Team” and their efforts were non-productive virtually fruitless compared to Brenda.  Although this deal was done via long distance all actions were performed crisply and professionally.  Well done ladies. If we can ever be of assistance to you, do not hesitate to contact us.  Well Done

Sandy &

Paula and I wish to thank you for the extraordinary help that you gave to us in finding our second home in Tucson. Not only are you extremely knowledgeable about the Tucson real estate market but you are a true gentleman. You never pushed us to buy any of the homes that we looked at. The final decision was ours and ours alone. Your approach to selling real estate is dramatically different than what we are used to seeing in Chicago. The entire process was a pleasure from start to finish and was most appreciated by us. It is no surprise that you, Brenda and your team have been so successful in the Tucson housing market. In addition we have never seen a better website than Brenda O' It is far more that a listing of homes for sale. Thanks again for all of your expert advice and patience.

Ed &

Brenda was on top of her game and saw the sale of our home through to the end. It was the most difficult of circumstances surrounding this transaction …from market conditions to the buyers’ demands. We are so fortunate that Brenda was there every step of the way. Though we have now moved out of AZ, we recommend Brenda and her team highly. She will take care of you from beginning to end. Not only did our home sell, we feel we walked away gaining a friend

John &

Just wanted to let you know what a great job you both did on the sale of our existing homes and the purchase of our new home. You were extremely helpful during this entire process. You gave us incredible contacts that helped make our existing home bring in a premium price, and you worked with the realtor on our new home to get us in at a price we felt comfortable with. Overall, your direct efforts resulted in over $36,000 of extra cash in our pocket. Extraordinary performance!Not only do you "know your stuff", but you are both very personable and that makes it a genuine pleasure to work with you. We have dealt with several realtors over the years, and you are one of the few who we totally trust. You were truly focused on our issues and concerns, and worked with us to resolve them as they arose. You did a phenomenal job in both these regards.Frank and Linda 

Frank a

Kathy, you were very patient and accommodating to our needs and whims. You gave us information and very good advise. And so, after many months and many condos, we found a really good match.  You helped us find an extremely thorough home inspector, who was able to track down some major problems. It was you who helped coordinate the massive repair jobs which needed completion prior to close of escrow. It all came together beautifully; because you worked diligently for us during those last two weeks. 

Cheryl D

Greg was very helpful in finding me the right house for the right money. He also keeps me up to date on just what the market is doing in and around my area.


We commend Brenda on a wonderful job done in the sale of our home. Right in the middle of the lender trauma when things were down, Brenda managed to sell our home at a nice price. She can get the job done in good times and bad times. We will use her again and again. 

Jerry &

We can’t image having a better group of professionals than Brenda O’Brien’s team working for us during these adverse market times. Every negative event possible came at us but she just plowed in harder and beat all the others. Thanks for pulling us through with amazing results compared to the averages in these times.

Jim &

The sale of our casita went pretty quickly, didn’t it!?!?. We liked the personal attention, showing feedbacks, phone calls and emails we received from you during the time our home was listed for sale.  You took a personal interest in selling our home for us. Thanks for all your help.

Jeff &

As first-time home buyers, we were not sure what to expect. From the very first phone call, Kathy made me feel comfortable. She explained the process and offered her qualifications and experience which immediately put me at ease. Kathy and her husband Don work as a team and with the combination of their attention to detail and availability, they made our experience seamless. Kathy was always willing and able to discuss and explain any questions or concerns we had. She was a step ahead, giving us an understanding of how we should proceed through the process. As a novice, it is imperative to have a Realtor with experience and working knowledge of the ever-changing real estate market. Kathy provided us with out- standing service and an up-to-date academic know-how- for our needs. We are pleased and proud to have worked with The Vallee Gold Team and would recommend them to anyone, from first-time homebuyers to seasoned homeowners. 

Cindy a

We were referred to Debbie through friends.  What a gift!  She is the Real Estate Agent everyone should wish for.  Not only did we find a wonderful home...but gained a friend in the process.  She's one of a kind.This process, though tedious and dissappointment at times was the best real estate purchase we have done, and we've done ALOT.  The difference was Debbie.  Her personality and determination, she was so informed and knew the answers or will at least go the extra mile to find out.  Thanks ever so much and we look forward to seeing you.


When I decided to sell my home in, I knew that I would need a Realtor that knew the area and you came to mind. Because I had already moved to my new home, I wanted to sell as soon as possible. When neighbors and friends found out that we listed our home on April 9 and the property closed on May 12, they were in awe. I feel you priced it right and you had complete knowledge of the area. Some of my neighbors still cannot believe it all happened so fast. It has been such a pleasure working with you and I would not hesitate one second to recommend you to anyone selling their home.

Many A

Thank you for helping us through our first house-buying experience! We really appreciate everything you've done for us.

Jennifer a

I would like to nominate Jennifer for OUTSTANDING SERVICE! She is great at her job and Sold my home in 3 days. She kept me informed and Sold my home in 3 days! She kept me informed all the time about what was going on. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone and everyone. Thank you!  - Donna Peters

Donna P

We couldn't be happier with the service and care we received from Kathy and Don and the rest of the Vallee Gold team.  Our home needs were very specific and required a challenging close date.  Rayma and Don supported us the entire journey, always representing our interests.  If you have a challenging situation and need a realtor to go the extra mile - we highly recommend the Vallee Gold Team. 

The L

I have used Gregg's services to buy two homes and sell one home over the last 16 years.As a selling agent, Gregg is energetic and works hard to sell a home. During this recent seller's nightmare, he worked tirelessly to get showings, including multiple open houses to attract potential buyers. His doggedness paid off eventually, as his well written MLS ads brought in the prospects.As a buying agent, he was intent on finding exactly what we wanted in the area that we wanted it. He was there to see the sale through, answering questions as they arose.

We cannot thank you enough for your patience and dedication in finding us a new home! It was al lot of fun just looking around and you made us feel very comfortable with the whole process of buying a house. We felt like you were really looking out for us, which we really needed.

Joe a

<strong>We thoroughly interviewed Realtors, and, fortunately, selected Sharon who sold our home quickly.  Our home was previously listed for 6 months with another company.</strong>

Jerry L

We have been so pleased with your support, guidance and attention to detail over the past several months. Buying a home can be a trying experience, particularly so when attempting to do so from two thousand miles away. We extend thanks to Brenda and the entire team. What we appreciate most is the professionalism you exhibited throughout the process. Thank you again for all you have done to help us find our perfect Tucson home.

Tereasa &

Grace Y

Grace Y

Just wanted to say that our home buying experience was the best yet! Michael and the Brenda O'Brien team did exactly what we asked him to do and it all went very smoothly. 

Bob &

Jennifer & I met through a mutual friend. She has such an amazing personality, professional nature and I knew from the start that she was the one for us! Jennifer always followed up with us on Showings and was honest every step of the way. I would highly recomment her!

Nina M

Jerry & Marcia helped rent my condo and then worked hard to sell it. They sold us our first home in Sun City Grand and have kept in touch ever since.

Rolly M

We sort of "happened" upon Jennifer and worked with her throughout our home-finding / buying journey. She was friendly, knowledgeable and we really appreciated her honesty & communication! If there was anything she couldn't answer, she got right on it and had the answer in a timely manner. We just loved her and would definitely recommend working with her! 

Angie F

Jennifer was always pleasant and gracious and couldn't have done more to make our transaction any easier. She found us a house in 1 day! Flawless...

Pat a

Dear Ralph & Michelle,I want  to thank  you for all of your  hard work in selling our home.  I appreciate  both  ofyour good sence of humor  after the mortgage situation.I hope your summer  has started  off well.Thanks again,Maury  Morse 

Maury M

I am so grateful to Stephen for his professionalism and integrity in helping me with my lovely new home. The individual attention and interaction with staff throughout was a reassuring and stressless experience. This experience was all that I hoped for and I am very appreciative.

Mary J

It was our pleasure to have Michael as our Realtor. He helped us make our way through the maze of all the rules and regulations to a very successful conclusion. Thanks to Michael and the Brenda O’Brien team. We made the purchase of our dreams. Your team is tops!

Armour A

Michelle  and Ralph Hartley,What  can I say, Michelle  and Ralph you are the  best team, patient,  make it happen type of people, and always there  to support  the sellers.  You both  went  out of your way to  make this deal happen, we called upon you for  so many things,  and both  of you were  always there  for  us. You never gave up, you kept  plugging  away with  open  houses, advertising  and putting up with  our  little  quirks about  not having a sign outside. You always provided  the  latest  information   about  the  market  place, kept  us informed   on a weekly  basis, made sure that  the  house was always looking  good,  and would  inform  us if something  in the  house needed  attention.   If we ever come back to the Tucson area, we wouldnot  hesitate  to give you a call for  our housing  needs. It was a long road,  but both of you made it a little easier for  us. Sincerely,Alan & Tricia

Alan &

We’ve always felt we’ve worked with good Realtors in the past --- until we worked with Pat and the Brenda O’Brien team. What a wonderful surprise! Pat went above and beyond our expectations. He not only took us to many homes, he then took other family members to these homes. Pat was generous with his time, gave us good advice, much needed support and a refreshing positive attitude. We are still amazed at Pat’s outstanding problem solving skills, and how quickly he could get things accomplished. We appreciate Pat and Brenda’s honesty, professionalism, preparedness, enthusiasm and patience. You have out highest recommendations and thanks

Keith &

The Brenda O’Brien Team is tops in our book. Brenda visited our home after the unsuccessful efforts of another agency and reviewed the “selling process” that proved successful. She was complimentary about the home and suggested minor changes to make the home more inviting. When she received an offer she reached us halfway around the world in New Zealand.  It was only a 30 minute phone call that an agreement was met and a few weeks later…a closing. Now it doesn’t get any better than that!


Andrea Barrett

Andrea B

Thank you so much for all your help during the process of purchasing our new home. You were really accommodating to all our needs and helped us in making the best choices during the purchase process. We are extremely happy with our new home. Thanks again for your support and we will recommend you to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy company.

Luis &

"When I met Kristin for the first time I loved her passion for her real estate career. Her design background brings a unique advantage to her clients. Kristin has a desire to be the best at what she does and is always striving to increase her knowledge.”  

Jim B

Angela knows the local market so well, all the subtleties. And nobody works harder. We were in contact with her for four years off and on. When we got serious, everything fell into place quickly. The paper trail went on or ahead of schedule. We highly recommend her.


Worked with Stephen in 2009-10 in the building of our home in Oro Valley. He was always very professional, prompt, and easy to work with. He was knowledgeable and willing to help accommodate our requests and needs involved with the new construction. I would definitely recommend working with Stephen to anyone looking to purchase in the Oro Valley area.

Nick &

Hi LaShawnda,I came across your blog via the christian women blogger network. I love that you were able to take away some lessons from your experience. I particularly like the following statements: “I know she didn’t enjoy a good portion of her life because she was always waiting on something better, something else, someone else…. I’ve been living from her lessons most of my life: enjoy each day as it comes with the people who are present.” and “Relation does not equal relationship.” Those are powerful statements and as a collector of quotes I’m adding those to my list.


Brenda was absolutely wonderful!  I appreciated her consistent communication, knowledge of the market and her expertise in handling our listing.  As a Realtor myself, I have high expectations for service.  Brenda was outstanding and I appreciated it!  I knew that we had an expert on our side and it was very comforting.  I also appreciated her encouragement to stage the vacant property.  I am a huge believer in staging my listings in Oregon but it is always hard to invest the money as a seller.  I know that it was money well spent because it made our patio home look incredible in the photos on her website and it attracted a buyer and a good offer right away. Thanks again, Brenda for your hard work you and your team provided. I will certainl

Dave &

Dottie and I would like to express our thanks for such a skillfull and competent procedure in selling our house in Oro Valley. We have worked with several realtors over the years, but none of our agents were as dedicated and knowledgable. Don's negotiation skills saved us $10,000 and he has the insight to achieve a number of advantages we had not considered. We both felt he was representing our best interestes and not just present to tuen over another house.Thank gain for a great job! 

Tom a

We want to extend our deepest appreciation fro all the little things you took care of for us. Your persistence and patience helping to finalize our purchase did not go unnoticed. We are glad to have had you as our realors, and also as our new friends.  A heart-felt thank you!

Doug a

As you know we were and are very pleased with the outcome of your efforts in selling our home. You and you team are very sophisticated and we really appreciated that. We certainly will recommend you and have done so several times already

Donna &

She took what we stated and suggested appropriate housing for our needs. We did our own research and Jennifer helped confirm or explain what we saw if the listing left any questions. We were completely happy with our service and outcome.

Winnie a

Dear Mr. White, Although  we share the same last name, you don't  know me, but I was a client  of Michelle  and Ralph Hartley of your  office  in the sale of my property  in Shadow Hills. After  a very disastrous  6 months with  Realty Executives (they showed  my house once in 6 mo. 24 days) I listed with  the  Hartleys. What  a difference,  they  presented  a marketing  plan they  listened  to our concerns, they showed  respect for our property  and they communicated with  us on a regular schedule.  They knew the neighborhood,   after  all they do live in it, and the whole climate  of selling our proprty  changed for the better. We are not settleed  in our new location,  but this change after  25 years in Shadow Hills was made much easier by the work  of Michelle  and Ralph Hartley. Sincerely, Frank E. 'Pat' White  Jr. & E. Lorine White

Mr. &

Just wanted to let you know what a great job you both did on the sale of our existing homes and the purchase of our new home. You were extremely helpful during this entire process. You gave us incredible contacts that helped make our existing home bring in a premium price, and you worked with the realtor on our new home to get us in at a price we felt comfortable with. Overall, your direct efforts resulted in over $36,000 of extra cash in our pocket. Extraordinary performance!Not only do you "know your stuff", but you are both very personable and that makes it a genuine pleasure to work with you. We have dealt with several realtors over the years, and you are one of the few who we totally trust. You were truly focused on our issues and concerns, and worked with us to resolve them as they arose. You did a phenomenal job in both these regards.Frank and Linda 

Frank a

Jennifer was extremely patient with us as we searched for a house for 6 months. She was a pleasure to work with and has such a fun, upbeat personality.

Shawn a

Brenda is “the Best of the Best”!!!

John &

We found Debbie very informative, easy going, answered all our questions.  She knows how to negotiate and protect her clients from some of the pitfalls that can happen in a real estate transaction.  A very likeable person.


Debbie is a warm, friendly, outgoing person who is extremely knowledgeable and efficient at her job.  She loves her work and it shows.  Debbie found the home I wanted, in the location I wanted, for the price I wanted.  Debbie always has time for her clients and always makes herself available.  She has been, and continues to be extremely helpful even a year after I bought the home.  I hope to buy more real estate in the area sometime in the futuer and I will not go further than Debbie when I do.  I cannot find the words to recommend Debbie highly enought to any prospective client.


The service that I received before, during and after the transaction was absolutely fantastic.I will probably be buying another one or two in the area in the future. I only hope that Janet is still working because there is nothing that I know of that she could have done better. My wife and I are very happy with our home in Sun City West and Janet made it a pleasure to deal with your company.

Harley J

Lori was very patient with us while we looked at numerous homes for a couple months. She really seemed to understand what attributes we wanted and took us to the homes that meet our needs. Being new to the Southwest we found her to be an asset in educating us about the area.


Laurie was very helpful getting us into our first home. She worked for us not the home builder.


We were very impressed by Laurie. She's professional, very detail oriented and thorough. We used her twice in 2010. The first was a piece of land out of foreclosure. She fought tooth and nail for us with the bank. The bank and their realtor continually made mistakes or tried to slip  things past us. She caught them all. I was impressed! We then used her 6 months later to buy a house for my parents in the Tanque Verde area. She really knew the area and helped us find the perfect one. I would definitely use her again.


wE are from OUt of STate and this agent went out of her way to keep us in the loop of houses in our price range, location ,etc. we communicated well with e=mail and phone and meetings were set up expeditiously to accomodate us when we were in AZ. I think we had a good rapport; we are easy and this agent gave no pressure!!!!! My husband and I feel that we have made a friend as well as an agent that found us our HOme in AZ!!!!! And this agent knows the TERRITORY and could link us up to whatever services, shops, directions in a flash!!!!!


From the first moment I spoke with Brenda, I was impressed with her knowledge and professionalism. She understood immediately what I was facing, and helped me every step of the way.  The team of people she recommended to clean the house, make repairs and stage the home was professional, helpful and kind.  Once we had it on the market, it sold in three days!  In this market, no less.  It truly speaks to her expertise. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for Brenda and everything she did to make this difficult time much easier.  I have worked with many Realtors over the course of the last 10 years and I will say without question that she is the best, not only as a professional but as a kind and caring person.  I was so lucky to have worked with her.

Karen W

"Without hesitation, we would recommend, and have done so, Kristin Duenas as an extremely knowledgeable Real Estate Professional.  She knows the area thoroughly and offers guidance when needed.  Ultimately the decision was ours and she supported us completely. "Frank and Esther Kerwin - March 25, 2011

Frank a

Excellent!!  Their guidance and information was most helpful.

Stan &

We used Vicki to sell our home, and to purchase another.We considered ourselves pretty savvy sellers, as well as shoppers, but Vicki truly amazed us with her knowledge of the real estate world.Vicki thought of many things throughout the process of selling and buying, that we would not have even contemplated, creating an incredibly smooth and flawless transition from one home to the other.With Vicki's extreme knowledge of the market, and seemingly limitless connections, she was able to take a normally stressful event, and turn it into an almost walk in the park event!We were almost sorry for our selling and purchasing experience to come to an end, because we no longer communicate with her on a regular basis.We consider Vicki a friend, and would not hesitate to recommend her to our friends and family!!                

G. S

Vivian L.: "I had a small two bedroom patio only 900 sq. ft., no up-keep for a long time, but,  after 23 open houses and Gregg’s marketing plan, I sold my home for more than I thought I could get for it."

Vivial L

Angela was recommended to us by friends in Tucson as being a very good real estate agent who works hard for her clients. We found that to be true. During our initial meeting on the telephone, Angela listened carefully to the location, price range and type of home we were interested in seeing. The next morning, we had 12 listings to look at online. After 8 days of viewing about 30 homes total, we ended up purchasing the one Angela thought at first was probably the best one for us, overall. She does listen! And returns your emails and phone calls as soon as possible. She knows the ins and outs of real estate transactions and the complete process to the end. Fun, too!


Brenda is a sharp woman and spares no expense in marketing your home. She presented us with high resolution professional pics printed on thick bond paper, a video tour, high-end magazine listings, agent tours, networking and everywhere online. Any keyword will bring up Brenda's site with your home listed. I have yet to find a better website that is so comprehensive. Our home had numerous viewings. Most were out of town buyers that found us through the various medias. Brenda calls to clarify every detail so you understand exactly what to expect in this journey. I've had agents supposedly working on my behalf in the past. I didn't know what superb was until this transaction. I would clearly choose Brenda for every future real estate need. She's the #1 agent in several categories for a reason

Kelli G

Brenda was the best! She was always responsible, professional and competent. She is the best Realtor we ever dealt with and we were totally delighted with her services. We will use her on all of our Tucson real estate transactions!

Rick T

We sold our home with Jennifer and we are Highly Satisfied! She was always polite and professional. We were referred to Jennifer from our friend and found her to be knowledgeable, well informed, caring, hard working and she earned our respect. We would like to nominate Jennifer for an "Outstanding Service Award!"

Frank &

Great!  Got the house sold!

Roger &

Jerry and Marcia did an excellent job in finding us a home.

Doug &

Jerry & Marcia were fantastic.  They handled everything with complete professionalism.

Jim a

Michelle  & Ralph, Thanks so much for  all your  help in finding  our new home.   We're  very happy with  our purchase and Abby  is enjoying  running  around in her backyard.  And thanks  so much for the windchimes-they  are now hanging from our citrus tree.We'll  be sure to refer  our friends  to you guys. Thanks again,Jenna and Rosamond

Professional!  Excellent!

Judy B


Ed &

We first contacted Mike Dobbins in 2009 where he had a home listed and showed it to us on short notice. We liked his low pressure sales techique and continued to work with him until we found exactly what we wanted. It was a short sale and they were honest about the time line and frustrations.   Mike kept in contact and let us know we could walk away but it was the house we wanted and he held our hands until it closed. Mike is very knowlegeable and a nice person besides. We are again looking and using Mike.

Jame T

We needed to sell our home quickly to claim the corporate incentives attached to our company’s relocation package. We choose Brenda because she was the top seller in Oro Valley and we were not disappointed. Our house sold in 8 days during a very slow house selling slump! Brenda suggestions to “stage” our house and her marketing strategies really made the difference. Bottom line, we couldn’t have done it without her and neither should you!!! Place your confidence in Brenda. She can sell your house

David &

Megan and Chris Holt testimonial

Megan a

I wish to express my deepest gratitude to you and your team for selling my home. From the moment we signed the listing contract I encountered the highest professionalism, care, enthusiasm and passion in you. You sent a professional photographer. You advised me about furniture arrangement and it made a tremendous difference. My home sold within 2 days with a very good price in spite of the depressing economy. I would like to thank you and will definitely recommend Brenda highly to my friends and family members.

Bahia F

We have bought and sold dozens of houses over the past 30 years. Working with Brenda was certainly among the best agent experiences we have had. Great ideas, creative approaches, use of professionals in marketing and constant communication made this our best real estate experience. Sold home in a few days with closing less than 30 days from listing. Recipe for success, price to market, hire Brenda!!!

Peter &

Michael, thanks for everything.  This journey was conducted over about a 5 year period with 3 visits to Tucson to look at many different properties. In the process, we visited your website several times a week to check on different trends and areas.  We understand this was not a huge transaction for you guys, but your commitment, professionalism and responsiveness on details for a transaction this size was deeply appreciated by us.  

David &

I cannot speak highly enough of Ms. Hassey. She was very honed in on my needs and what was looking for and endlessly helpful and patient in my house search and on how best to make an offer. One in a million!


Dear Mr.Woods, I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle and Ralph for three house transactions duringthe seven years I have lived in Tucson.  After my stint of house hunting in Texas, I want to let you know how superior these two realtors are. I have worked primarily with  Michelle, but also with  Ralph.  Michelle is my go-to-girl!  She is efficient, personable, competent and I always feel that she is indeed working  "with  and for me". She exudes professionalism  and goes the extra mile.  I appreciate  her immensely and hope that you realize what a great asset she and Ralph are for your company. I had to place a mirror  under the nose of my realtor  in Texas to make sure that she was breathing. Worthless experience. What a difference in working with the Hartley's.  Mary Margaret  Peppeard

Mary M

Congratulations on being named by the Arizona Daily Star 2011 40 under 40. What A great honor it is!Your accomplishments are very impressive, especially your efforts to contribute to improving Tucson and the Community.May you have much countinued success in all your endeavors. 

Senator S

Laura is a dedicated professional realtor located in the Tucson area. She listens well to her clients needs and wishes, understands the area options, keeps current with her skills and the market, and negotiated the best possible home and price for our family. She is so welcoming and personable that you will enjoy your time searching together for your home. We tried several realtors before we ultimately ended up with Laura. I wish we had started with her. Happy home hunting and welcome to the Tucson area!

Ruth C

Don Vallee is a very good realtor. I think what impressed us the most was his willingness to listen to what we wanted. He allowed us to guide the whole buying process. He was never pushy and showed us only the houses we wanted to see and in our case it had to be over 200. He responded to our  phone calls and emails immediately. If he was unavailable he made sure one of his other agents responded. The Vallee Gold Team worked hard on our behalf and I would highly recommend them.


I’d like to say thanks to Brenda O’Brien for so efficiently marketing and selling my home. After no action from a previous Realtor, and upon suggestions of friends, I turned to Brenda. She fully lived up to the recommendations of two friends who had very successful experiences with her – keeping me informed, fully advertising, open houses, giving “all out attention” and within just 31 days she had a sale! All inspections and details were well cared for, making it an easy transaction. Follow up has been so pleasant and I feel I’ve made a friend whom I’d like to recommend to anyone needing her knowledge, thoroughness and service.

Louise B

We were very pleased with the professionalism shown us during the entire process of selling our home. Brenda is a very down to earth person and made the difficult task of listing and selling a house a pleasant experience. We were also very impressed with the professional way the listing appeared in a notebook showing a little about the subdivision as well as the events and opportunities within our nearby community. All questions were answered completely and thoroughly by Brenda and her office staff. Closing was explained very thoroughly and the date was set far enough in advance to allow us to adequately prepare for it. Brenda also arranged to have our Utah home closing at the same time so we were able to sell and buy at the same time. Again, thanks Brenda for a very pleasant and professional home selling experience.

David &

Laurie has been our realtor twice in the last 8 years. Most recently, she helped us sell our home in Tucson and purchase another in May 2011. Laurie is thorough and efficient, friendly but tough when necessary and very knowledgable about the market as well as the process of purchasing real estate.  Perhaps what most endeared us to Laurie, and why we employed her a second time, was the care she showed in meeting our particular special needs. Buying a home can be stressful, but she made the process smooth and fun. We highly recommend her.


We met at a friends Wedding. Jennifer Sold her house and we loved her personality right away.  She had several Open Houses and was very Positive in her dealings with us. It was a pleasure working with you, Jennifer!

George &

Excellent!  We are many times real estate buyers but our lucky day was the day Jerry File answered his phone!

Caroline &

Got our house sold in a rough market. Great knowledge of the tucson market and selling process. Our house was priced right and we were able to get it sold, even with dated bathrooms and kitchen.. Her staging of the house was tasteful and she took care of all home repairs needed to get the home  sold while we were restarting in phoenix. If we ever end up in the market to buy/sell in Tucson again, we'll most likely give her a call. =0). She was a true professional


The Vallee Team has been selling us homes for over 13 years. Trusted and dependable this team will work with you through any situation that may arise. As buyers and sellers Don is consistently available on short notice and has always had a solution to a problem. I trust Don completely with our homes the content and the transactions. We honestly could not have found a better Realtor and friend. Don has extreme integrity and is well connected in the community. If you are looking for a Realtor who knows the market, communities, and contractors for just about anything you must call Don Vallee. Don will go above and beyond the scope of his job to ease the stress of moving.

Helge a

Marcia and Jerry File are grate people.  Wonderful to work with!

Rod &

My wife and I engaged Angela Tennison to be both our buying and selling agent in the spring of 2012. So, she was instrumental in our acquisition of a wonderful home. Due to her experience and knowledge of the local real estate market, along with her tenacity, our former home sold in about six weeks. We strongly recommend Angela Tennison as a real estate agent. To us, the "T" in Tennison stands for terrific, thorough and tenacity: three characteristics needed in our real estate market.


We were helping our in-laws with the sale of their home. We are from California and didn't know a particular real estate agent. We were referred to Laurie and she did an outstanding job for all of us.She took care of the details and was helpful throughout the entire process. Our  friends might be moving to Tucson and we would recommend her to them.


We met Angela by chance, when we stopped at an open house she was holding when we were preparing to move to Tucson (we are a military family). She impressed us from the get go, and when we started to look seriously, we decided to ask her to be our agent. Angela took the time to find out what we were looking for and at each prospective home, she kept on taking note of what we liked and did not like. She helped us narrow our choices down to a specific area of town, and took the time to present us with the pros and cons of each house we saw, to include its location, features, building materials, etc. Thanks to her we ended finding the perfect home for our family and well within our budget. When the time came to sell our home and move to San Antonio, we immediately asked Angela to help us (It was 2009, a really tough year for the housing market). I was deployed at the time this happened. Angela took the time to help my wife. She ensured we had the right power of attorney, and helped my wife prepare and advertise the house. We sold our house in two months! Angela Tennison will give you a professional service, while ensuring you receive a courteous and friendly service. She will work hard to find the home of your dreams, but will ensure you are aware of all possible issues affecting your future home. You won't find that type of service from a real state agent easily.


You were always patient, kind & optimistic. Because of you we have a wonderful home to enjoy.Denny & Sandy

Sandy M

After dropping my first real estate agent team due to its lack of interest and desire to put any work into promoting my property, I hired Laurie after a brief interview. At our first meeting, she presented herself in a professional manner and with the enthusiasm and vigor that you would expect from  a top-notch real estate agent.Honestly, there are not enough positive things I can say about Laurie and her knowledge and business acumen regarding the Tucson real estate market. But it goes beyond that. Laurie provided ideas and small touches that allowed my house the best chance to be sold even under the most difficult of market circumstances.Laurie is a tireless worker who is always available to answer any and all questions and since this was my first experience in selling a house, I had plenty of queries on all sorts of things. Laurie’s patience and diligence shined time after time. She has your best interest in mind and doesn’t pressure her clients to do something against their will. Laurie will interject her ideas on various issues but leaves the final decision to the client.One of the first things she did when she surveyed my house and its furnishings was to stage some of her own items throughout the house to make it “lived in” (as I was living with my wife in another house at the time). That small gesture was just one of many examples of how Laurie does whatever she can to help her clients throughout the process.In conclusion, I would highly recommend Laurie Hassey to any potential home seller or buyer who is looking for a real estate agent who will place their client’s needs above her own. Laurie is a class act and treats her clients with the utmost respect and courtesy.


My son bought a home from Laurie 4 years ago and had a very good experience. I have been looking for an investment property in Tucson. So with my son's recommendation, I connected with Laurie. Laurie was very proactive in my search. She was always very positive even though I needed to look  at quite a few homes before I found the one I wanted to purchase. She was always upbeat and available for me. Without reserve, I recommend Laurie to any one looking for property in Tucson.


Very good!  They were helpful and friendly.  Courtesy was wonderful!  Marcia and Jerry were great!

John a

I am a single person, and I needed more help than most. You dideverything possible to make things go smoothly for me, and I justwanted to tell you how much I appreciate it.Thanks again.Joyce G  

Joyce B

Jennifer was very responsive to our needs when looking for a home. She was always prompt in responding to our requests for housing information, showings, mortgage information and closing procedures, etc. She helped facilitate the buying process in many ways. We would not hesitate to recommend Jennifer as an agent -- she is very professional and always has her client's best interests and preferences in mind!

Cheryl &

Laurie provided exceptional customer service to help me find a home in Tucson, AZ. She was extremely patient during my several house-hunting trips to Tucson. Throughout the process, up to and including, the purchase of my home, she answered all of my questions correctly, throughtly and promptly.   In addition, she never pressured me to purchase a home or to make any rushed decisions. I highly recommend Laurie to other potential home buyers and was overall impressed with services provided by Long Realty.



Ruth A

Don and Kathy did a great job for us! Selling one's home is a hard thing to do. The Vallee Gold Team was very knowledgeable and patient in helping us make the decision. Once we decided to sell, Don and his team dove right in, and got us listed and on the market. Most importantly, he got quick results. Good job Don! 

Ted B

We have never dealt with more friendly and efficient people.  Marcia and Jerry are good at what they do.

Bill a

Jennifer Anderson helped us buy an investment property. She was helpful in every step of the process. She never made me feel like I was calling her too much and she always had time to take me to look at houses when they came up. I also didn't feel pressured to buy a property just so she would be  done, which I've felt like in the past with other realtors. She gave great advise and had a lot of contacts to recommend for us if we needed it. We had a great experience with her and would recommend her to anyone!

Allison Pratt

Jennifer was amazing. Her knowledge of the Vail area and market was impressive. We were very pleased with the process from start to finish and would definitely use her again to purchase our next home. We would highly recommend her to anyone needing to buy or list a home.

Stacy Winstryg

Laurie did a great job of getting my home sold quickly. As I was out of town Laurie watched over the house and arranged to be there as needed as I was unable. She followed through with everything up to closing. She was great to work with.Thanks Laurie!!


Mr. Maul has sold two(2) homes for my me and my wife. I have found him to be very personable, honest and extremely conscientious. Mr. Maul is thorough and keeps his clients constantly updated. We feel very confident in him and his expertise. I would highly recommend him to anyone including my closest friends.


Mr. Maul has sold two(2) homes for my me and my wife. I have found him to be very personable, honest and extremely conscientious. Mr. Maul is thorough and keeps his clients constantly updated. We feel very confident in him and his expertise. I would highly recommend him to anyone including my closest friends.



Kenneth &

As first-time home buyers, we were not sure what to expect. From the very first phone call, Kathy mase me feel comfortable. She explained the process and offered her qualifiactions and experience which immediately put me at ease. Kathy and her husband Don work as a team and with the combination of their attetnion to detail adn availability, they made our expereince seamless. Kathy was always willing and able to discuss and explain any questions or concerns we had. She was a step ahead, giving us an understanding of how we should proceed through the process. As a novice, it is imperative to have a Realtor with expereince and working knowledge of the ever-changing real estate market. Kathy provided us with out standing service and an up-to-date academic know-how- fro oour needs. We are pleased and proud to have worked with The Vallee Gold Team and would recommend them to anyone, from first-time homebuyers to seasoned homeowners. 

Cindy a

We very much appreciated Michael handling the home buyer process for us.  He handled the inspections and checked on house once sellers vacated.  Over and above is how we see it. We are so glad we picked the Brenda O’Brien Team.  Michael was awesome and so were the staff in office.  We felt welcome and respected.  The contacts we made from the various services we could use, told us how much they like working with O'Brien group.  It's like a big family that we are now a part of

Cindy R

EXCELLENT! We have bought and sold quite a few houses over the years and Jerry and Marcia rank at the top for service, communication and professionalism!


Thank you VERY much to Michael!  Don and I both want to say how impressed we’ve been all through this process working with you.  In our 43+ years together, we’ve bought and sold many homes and worked with realtors who were good as well as really bad.  You were the best and we appreciate all you’ve done and continue to do

Don &

We cannot thank you enough for your patience and dedication in finding us a new home! It was al lot of fun just looking around and you made us feel very comforatable with the whole process of buying a house. We felt like you were really looking out for us, which we really needed. Joe and AshlyWe want to extend our deepest appreciation fro all the little things you took care of for us. Your persistence and patience helping to finalize our purchase did not go unnoticed. We are glad to have had you as our realors, and also as our new friends.  A heart-felt thank you! Doug and KathleenThank you for helping us through our first house-buying experience! We really appreciate everything you've done for us. Jennifer and TomJenniferDottie and I would like to express our thanks for such a skillfull and competent procedure in selling our house in Oro Valley. We have worked with several realtors over the years, but none of our agents were as dedicated and knowledgable. Don's negotiation skills saved us $10,000 and he has the insight to achieve a number of advantages we had not considered. We both felt he was representing our best interestes and not just present to tuen over another house.Thank gain for a great job! 

Tom a

Kathy you were very patient and accomodating to our needs and whims. You gave us information and very good advise. And so, after many months and many condos, we found a really good match.  Yohelped us find an extremely thoruough hme inspector, who was able to track down some majjor problems. It was you who helped coordinate the massive repair jobs which needed completion prior to close of excrow. It all came together beautifully, because you worked diligently fro us during thiose last two weeks.


Pam Browning stayed with me throughout one of what was no doubt the most challenging and hardest sales of a Ranch house and property in Avra Valley in Tucson that probably ever came on the market. Several prior agents did not have the professional horse power to sell this property She is 100% positive, Hard working, and has the best reputation i have ever seen or heard of in her profession in Tuscon, Az. I greatly respect and admire her without question. Pam Browning is the best and any one that gets her to take on their listing will be very pleased at her performance.


Laurie was a true professional in selling our house. We live in Minnesota, the house she sold is located in Tucson, so trust was important. She inspired confidence and made selling the house the best experience it can be. The house was on the market for one day when an offer was made. The house  closing took place about 30 days later. During the process she took care of all details. Communication was frequent and to the point. We always felt she was representing us. When problems came up she took care of them. She gave us good advice when we had to make decisions. I think she got us a good price for the house given the market conditions. We highly recommend her. She will work hard for you. 


What did you like best abnout MY service? Prompt attention to my needs and wishes with many homes to see. Was I responsive to your needs and concerns? Definitely.Would you use my services again? By all means.What do you feel I could do to better serve my clients? Whatever you did for us was ideal.Would you refer your friends and family to me? Yes.Overall - on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the best), where would you rank my service, knowledge and professionalism? 5

Meg L

Laurie is a great person to work with. She was very attentive and quick to respond. She has great knowledge of the area and current trends in the market. It was a real pleasure to work with her.


Met Jennifer at a neighborhood Open House and was immediately drawn to her professionalism and vibrant personality.  We had her list our home and had a contract within 2 weeks and closed in 58 days.  Her friendliness, attention to detail and willingness to do "whatever it takes" is a total winning combination.  Moving across the country was not an issue as Jennifer stayed in constant contact with us as we were totally confident everything was being taken care of.  Having bought & sold many times all across this country, I can honestly say Jennifer was the BEST realtor we have ever had.  She excels in everything she does.  For the best real estate professional who genuinely cares for her customers, she can't be beat.  We proudly call her our past realtor but now our friend.


This fall we purchased a new home using Stephen Woodall as our real estate agent. We lived out of town and had a very constrained schedule to see homes. Stephen was supportive of our needs and worked with us to ensure we got to see everything we wanted even though we ended up seeing up to 10 homes in one evening.Stephen’s level of preparedness, both in terms of planning the agenda and routes for the visits as well as his knowledge of the homes was invaluable. We asked him to show some homes more than once and often with many family members in tow, all the while we told him that we were not likely to buy right away, just exploring the market. When we found a home that we were interested in, his expertise in the entire process made it extremely easy to do everything from finding and selecting a good mortgage broker, making the initial offer, assistance and advice upon request for negotiating tactics based on facts about the market, home, and seller. We did not end up buying the house we first offered on and ended up getting the perfect home for us because of his responsiveness, support and expertise.

Abe &

This past summer, my cousin and I were faced with the frightening task of selling my father’s house following his death.  The house was fundamentally beautiful, and it was situated on a lovely piece of land, but it had been neglected for years, stuffed with an impossible number of belongings, and most worrisome of all, both my cousin and I live hundreds of miles away from Tucson.  Brenda and her team took on this project with astonishing speed, efficiency, elegance, and grace.  The entire sale was closed less than three months from the date of our signing on with the Brenda O’Brien team, and their performance in every aspect of the process was simply outstanding.  I would recommend Brenda and her team, without any reservation whatsoever, to anyone who wants to enjoy a smooth, satisfying, and profitable home-selling experience.  I have bought and sold a lot of real estate in my life, but Brenda is, without question, the most capable, personable, and trustworthy realtor I’ve ever met.  

Ph.D B

We made the decision to list our home with Stephen Woodall because we were impressed with him when we nearly bought a home from him a couple years earlier. Three things really stand out working with Stephen (besides how quickly he sold our home): 1) He is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of buying and selling real estate, and maintains up-to-date information on the greater Tucson market in particular; 2) He listened to us carefully every time we talked (which was often), and made sure that we understood everything that was happening at each step in the process; 3) His service went far beyond what we expected from a listing agent, especially his personal attention to resolving the inevitable “bumps” that arise in a lengthy transaction such as selling a home. Even though Stephen was of course representing us as the sellers, his experience and creativity contributed to successful results for all parties involved, including the title company and the buyers. We recommend him to both sellers and buyers.

Jeff &

We've moved four states in the last 10 years...this was our easiest, most efficient and carefree transaction ever! Kathy and Don are communicative, hard working, and accessible. They were even there for us after the move! 

Jeff a

Fantastic!  they got me more money!

Gina &

Cannon F

Video Testimonial from the Cannon Family!

The C

My wife & I were very impressed with Laurie. She is true professional. She knows the process & is very attentive to every detail. She does not give up. We used her in 2011 to purchase a home in foreclosure in Tucson, AZ. She went above & beyond the nornal & worked through the many problems thrown  our way. She communicates well & is always available. We highly recommend Laurie Hassey & without a doubt would use her expert services again.


They are the GO TO TEAM for the Vail area in Arizona. They are have presence daily and are very knowledgeable of the area. They have helped homeowners find the right home at the right price. Highly recommended.

Anne Lawrence

Dyann has the years of experience it takes to understand the uniqueness of each transaction.


Joe N

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Joe N

The Hurst Family video Testimonial

Hurst F

Jason M

Jason McGrath Video Testimonial

Jason M

Outstanding service  &  great sales personnel but we wished for more contact after closing

Dick a

What is often a high stress task became truly stress free under Brenda’s guidance. Thanks to her attention to detail, knowledge and professionalism, our home sold! I’ve highly recommended her to others.

Jean S

Just want to thank you so much for selling my house. You knewexactly what to do to make my house more attractive to a buyer.All the guidance and tips that you gave me helped to sell myhouse. 

Stephen B

As first time home buyers, my wife and I were not sure what to expect from a Real Estate Agent. When we met Jennifer, we immediately felt that she had a genuine interest in finding us a home that was right for us. She was warm, welcoming and easy to talk to. She did not treat us like a client, but more like a friend.  Her upbeat positive attitude was infectious - whenever my wife and I left a meeting with Jennifer we would always smile and say how good she made us feel.  When we found our dream home, Jennifer seemend genuinely as excited as we were.  She was quick to return our phone calls, and thoroughly explained every part of the home buying process.  We could not be happier that we had the opportunity to work with Jennifer.  You don't find too many people like her in this, or any other industry.  I would highly recommend her if you need help finding a home.  We found the perfect home and made a new friend.  Thank you, Jennifer

Josh &

We met Laurie through Zillow. She helped us secure a property that was very inexpensive. She handled the transaction as if the purchase price was a million dollars. We then hired Laurie as a representative for us during a complex real estate transaction and again, she proved to be professional and  efficient. Laurie clearly knows all aspects (and then some) of this business and does what is right every single time.


She works tirelessly, seven days a week, for her clients. Whether you are a buyer or seller, this is the one to get to represent you. We are most impressed by her excellent and diligent service in finding the right home for us and closing the deal. Bravo !!


Excellent!  The File's go above and beyond in their service.  I was out of state when the house inspection was done.  They put themselves out to help fulfill the resolution of the issues.


Personable and very thorough!

Don a

Excellent!  The File's go above and beyond in their service.  I was out of state when the house inspection was done.  They put themselves out to help fulfill the resolution of the issues.

Lynn D

Laurie is one of the best! I am military and had to short sale my house due to a PCS. She answered all of my questions thoroughly and quickly. She had a buyer lined up in no time. She was always a phone call or e-mail away. She always responded the same day. She was always very professional and  friendly. She definitely knew the area and is well known in the realtor network. This is a plus in trying to get your house sold quickly. What else can I say to convince you that she is one of the very best! I'd recommend her over and over.


Laurie Hassey has been incredibly helpful in my process to purchase a home in the Catalina Foothills north of Tucson, and I would recommend her without reservation.Laurie was initially recommended to me by my brother in law, who is very difficult and discerning businessman. He has been  highly impressed by her and recommended her to me. Now in my own experience purchasing a home with her as my agent (as a first time home buyer), Laurie has been incredibly helpful, educating me about the details of the process as we went, but also helping me to identify the best value. During negotiations, she was instrumental to help me get a good price, and has continued to be very helpful even after the transaction had closed.She is knowledgeable, professional, efficient, and a real pleasure to work with. I would recommend her services without hesitation, and will most certainly look forward to opportunity to work with her again in the future.


Very professional, available when we needed her and prepared at each step of the sales process. We would have no hesitancy either in working with Angela again or recommending her to a friend or relative


Laurie is an exceptional agent, she helped us with listing and pricing our home.Her knowledge of the area and current market trends resulted in a very quick sale, taking only three day!! She was in constant contact with us and coordinated all necessary inspections resulting in a smooth transition  with few disruptions in our daily routine. She was always available to meet our needs in a timely manner. Laurie was truly a pleasure to work with and we would not hesitate to recommend her. Sandy and Tom Sullivan Tucson, AZ


We were fortunate in finding a real estate agent like Lisa Bayless to represent us in selling our home of 30 years and purchasing a new one. Lisa was exactly the kind of person that fulfilled our needs by having extreme patience with us when we were unsure of what we wanted in a home. She is knowledgeable, hardworking and conscientious and maintained a great sense of humor throughout the negotiations. She was instrumental in helping us through the hurdles we encountered with buying/selling of our homes. It was a pleasure to work with someone who went the distance in providing personalized care. We highly recommend Lisa for her ability in getting things done efficiently! John & Audrey Finley

John &

Don and his team were exemplary! He worked well with us and was very knowledgeable about his business. Not only did he work hard to help us find a house suited to our needs and situation, the follow up after completion of the signing was above and beyond the call of duty. We will be having them  over for dinner after we're all settled in. I highly recommend them.


The service we received from Stephen Woodall from Long Realty was above anything we could expect or ask for. Stephen was always willing to meet us at the drop of a hat and really made us feel special and excited to buy our first home. We even asked Stephen to cart around my entire family from out of town to look at a ton of houses, and Stephen didn’t even hesitate to bring us all along on this great adventure. Stephen was knowledgeable about each house we looked at, as well as the communities and areas we were looking in. We are so thankful for our experience with Team Woodall as well as Long. The process was so easy and when we were ready to pull the trigger, Stephen had it all set up and ready to go so we could move forward. Upon needing to close a few days earlier than expected, Stephen worked after hours to get the papers ready to sign the next day. Customer service to the max! This was an amazing experience for us and hugely impacted the memories of buying our first house. We would recommend Team Woodall with Long Realty to anyone looking for great service and true, knowledgeable assistance.

Nicole &

I have had an incredible experience with the Vallee Gold Team on both the buying and selling side of real estate. Don and Kathy made us feel valued and important. Our home seemed to be their first priority, even though they have many listings. Kathy was always available to answer any questions or  concerns that we had during the process. She was an incredible resource to help us understand the process and coach us through negotiations. I would highly recommend Don and Kathy as realtors for any purchasing or selling needs.


We were out of town buyers, and we made a couple whirlwind trips to Tucson to look at property. Our agent, Sonia Stamatopolous, arranged to show us a range of neighborhoods and home styles so we could get a feel for the area, inventory, and pricing, which helped us narrow our search to 3 zip  codes. She also set up an online tool that automatically sent us listings matching our criteria, which enabled us to continue looking while we were back at home. We found that she was easy to communicate with using texting and email, which suited us so that we didn't have to play phone tag. Sonia was also very responsive when dealing with info needed by the lender, and in arranging for the inspections.


Janet did a really wonderful job throughout the entire home buying process! She was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable! If we ever go through this again it would be a pleasure to work with Janet!

Mike &

Very professional  -  Always keeping us informed about what's going on.

Don a

Excellent! Jerry & Marcia explained us clearly whatever needed to be done and all was done on time.  We are very pleased with the service received.  Jerry & Marcia have been our neighbors and friends for 10 years and we would have never had anyone else handle our real estate transaction!

Domenico V

Excellent!  We could not expect better service

Richard &

Excellent! Jerry and Marcia explained us clearly whatever needed to be done and all was done on time. We are very pleased with the service received!  Jerry & Marcia have been our neighbors and our friends for 10 years and we would have never had anyone else handle our real estate transaction!

Domanico V

Excellent!  We could not expect better service!

Richard &

Attentive, appropriate to our needs, helpful, comprehensive, supportive, always available, filled with integrity, knowledgeable, flexible, positive, FUN!  We couldn't have had better service.  The Files are the BEST!

Alana &

You have been the best realtor we have worked with. No one has ever worked ashard as you have.Nancy B

Nancy B

Angela is extremely knowledgable and professional. She is also a nice person and easy to work with. If I was either buying or selling a home in the Tucson area I would only work with her.


Tops! Jerry and Marcia were like best friends to us and went the second mile to help us and advise us.  I would highly recommend them to our friends.

Johnny a

Debbie did a great job.  She worked hard for us and did everything we asked her to do.  I think she is an awesome agent.  She was great, there was nothing she could have done better!

Margarete C

We have bought and sold many homes over the past 25 years and our experience with the Vallee team is the best ever. Their attention to detail and the level of professionalism is superb. I would recommend them to anyone.


I had the opportunity to work with Don and Kathy during our recent home search in Tucson. My wife and I are relocating from Virginia and were looking for a home to fit our unique needs. Kathy kept us informed of the latest properties available in preparation of our house hunting visit and  skillfully coordinated numerous showings during our limited time in town. We were successful in finding a beautiful home that we will enjoy for a long time at the right price. Throughout the process they asked the correct questions and provided us the guidance to make informed decisions. Coordination of the various inspections and associated documentation was handled with precision. Don and Kathy are extremely knowledgeable and personable. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a home in the Tucson area.


I rate Jerry & Marcia's service with the highest possible score.  Not only were Marcia and Jerry professional, but they treated me with respect and kindness during a difficult time.


I am selling my father"s home in Tucson while I am living in Nevada, and I couldn't have gotten through this process without Pat's superior knowledge and efficiency. She is so thorough and proactive, and she knows so many good people in related businesses (window washer, carpet cleaner, estate  sales, home inspection). She is my eyes on the house since I'm not there, and I couldn't ask for a better person and realtor to work with. She is very responsive to emails and calls, and her approach to selling a home is excellent. She is the best realtor I have every worked with.


We have known Pat for years. We are currently in the process of selling our home. She has been able to answer questions that I haven't as yet proposed. Whatever concerns that come along, Pat either solves herself or has many excellent contacts to recommend. She is so very professional as well as  personal in all her dealings. She and her husband Matt, who is a home inspector, make the perfect team for any and all needs that may arise. She is by far the best realtor we have ever worked with. We were ecstatic when we heard that the Leahys were returning to Tucson, as we knew that everything regarding our home would be thoroughly and professionally handled.

Roy a

Pat was a refreshing change from the other dealings with realtors we had experienced when we first came to Tucson. She gave complete attention to details and I felt her knowledge and expertise gave us the confidence to buy our home. She also has a host of connections that helped tremendously. I am  so glad she is back home in Tucson!


The experience of buying a house, although exciting can be somewhat stressful; Don Vallee made our experience truly enjoyable. Anytime that we hit a snag Don would go out of his way to fix the problem. Don's goal seems to be to ensure that his clients spend their time being excited about their new purchase instead of being stressed. Don Vallee was a pleasure to work with.Doug & Stacy Wilson - Superintendent of Marana Unified School District 

Doug a

Dyann was beyond helpful. She went above and beyond in all aspects of both my home buying, and selling process. Extremely knowledgeable, and willing to do what it takes for there customers. I Highly recommend her for all your home needs! We will be a lifetime customers. Thanks again Dyann!!

Shannon Rodriguez

We can't thank you enough for the great job you and the O'Brien team did in marketing our house here in Sun City. We don't know if it was due to your incredible prominence on the web, the vast resources of the Long Realty organization, or your own personal charm, but there was never a shortage of potential buyers wanting to see our house. We suspect the key to your remarkable success is not only your wealth of experience in the real estate business, but also your unfailing warmth and graciousness and the day-to-day contact you provide. Just a hunch, but we have a feeling these are probably the reasons your office seems to run so smoothly and effortlessly.

Kay &

Pat Leahy is the best real estate agent we have ever worked with, and more importantly, she is truly a partner and educator in conducting business. Pat has helped us purchase several homes over the years. She is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of real estate, and in every transaction she  has guided us and ensured that we make smart and informed decisions about the purchase of our homes. Pat really cares about her clients, pays very careful attention to their goals, and always has their best interest in mind. When we were looking to move to CA, Pat went above and beyond to connect us with a reputable real estate agent. Pat is our realtor for life!


<strong>What did you like best about MY service?</strong>Your willingness to show me any house I wanted to see.<strong>Was I responsive to you needs and concerns?</strong>Very (Thank you) - you're very accessible too, which is great!<strong>What do you feel I could do to better serve my clients?</strong>N/A<strong>Would you refer yur friends and family to me?</strong>Yes<strong>Please tell us why.</strong>Because you stuck with me no matter how frustrated I got and I appreciate your patience.<strong>Overall - on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the best), where would you rank my service, kknoledge and professionalism?</strong>5


The home buying process was Fun!  Jennifer was very responsive.  She listened to my needs and took that into consideration when determining which houses we should see.

Catie D

Jerry & Marcia were very good. We were able to contact the File's when we needed to even when they were out of state.

Norm &

Mike Dobbins helped us find a home to buy near New River Arizona. He was sensitive and responsive to all our desired requests in our effort to find a home that would suit our tastes and needs. And, in fact . . . found a home to our suiting the 1st trip out.   Once we found the home we wanted to purchase, he was ever diligent about explaining and walking us thru each step of the process; and even went with us for signing of closing documents. And on occaision, when needed were very earnest in handling negotions with the seller. Always on time for scheduled appointments and responded in a timely manner to all phone calls, texts and emails. He was ever helpful in familiarizing us with area utilities and merchants. He made our home search a fun and positive experience

John &

Mike was always immediately available to us for any inquiries, showings and questions. He was very responsive with a thorough knowledge of the area. Thanks Mike for helping us find our dream home and ease us thru the purchase process!!

Will &

Dyann iscurrently representing me with the purchase of a new home. We have just finished negotiating the purchase contract with several counter offers. She was able to get the lot price reduced by thousands of dollars! Most people would not think that possible when buying a new home from the builder. She even got a sliding glass door added to the second bedroom for free. I wasn't aware that you could negotiate with builders to that extent but she did. I guess some people think if they don't use a realtor that they will save money but that is not true at all. It will cost you thousands if you go in by yourself! Just like that old expression in a court of law: "The person who represents himself has a fool for a client;" The money to pay realtor fees is built in to every new home price. If you go in by yourself, the builder pockets the extra money - the home price stays the same - you lose out on getting yourself a much better deal. Dyann knew exactly what to include in the contract to protect my earnest money - most people would never have even thought of that one. She also represents other builders so she truly know what is most important from contract negotiating through close of escrow. I sleep peacefully knowing she really has my back.


Sherry, yu did a first rate job helping us find and buy our new home.Thank you Sherry!

John a

Kim is awesome! She helped me find a house that I love and that suits me well. She is a good listener, patient and very supportive, which is a huge plus when it comes to all the drama that can happen with a first-time homebuyer. When I had communication difficulties with my mortgage company Kim  stood with me, helping me stay calm, postive and on track. Her knowledge of the process and the current market were key in me getting my wonderful house for a favorable price. I'm a big fan and would recommend her to anyone.


Bought a Single Family home in Oro Valley, AZ.With enthusiasm I give this letter of recommendation to Realtor Lisa Bayless.  Lisa represented me when I purchased a home in Oro Valley AZ.  I am a retired builder with more than 20 years' experience and have come across my share of Realtors.  Lisa stands head and shoulders above the rest.  There is no need to consider working with another REALTOR®; you will not find one able to exceed Lisa Bayless. Lisa Bayless knows the Oro Valley area and the real estate business like no other.  She is supremely intelligent, patient, honest, team oriented, hard-working, intuitive, communicative and detailed.  She carefully listened as I explained to her the type of home I was looking for and she never took me to homes that did not meet my criteria.  Lisa never tried to up sell me (which is unusual) and was always looking out for my best interest. Lisa possesses superior communication skills enabling her to tackle potential problems and negotiate on my behalf.  To sum it up Lisa was able to 1) find me the perfect home 2) managed all aspects of the sale and 3) negotiated a great deal.  Lisa made my home purchase stress free and enjoyable. I'm impressed. I have been in the real estate business for more than 20 years and Lisa managed to change my opinion of Realtors, which was not easy. She is trustworthy and always places the client's needs first. I strongly recommend Lisa to anyone who needs to buy or sell and home. I just wish I had found Lisa Bayless years ago. I would not consider working with another Realtor.

The Vallee Gold Team sold my home on Tucson. Home had been on market for many months before I hired him. Original realtors were not successful in generating any traffic. Once I listed the home with Don the home sold in 20 days. Customer service was excellent. Great follow through. Great team he has developed. Would not hesitate to use his services again. 

Michelle I

Our house is successfully closed yesterday. From start, Don has been very professional. He priced the house so accurate that we sold it at full price as listed. He has been very responsive to all the questions I have. And he has a great network of service people that can help us during the process.  Unlike some agents, he didn't push us to repair this, upgrade that. He only pointed to the essentials that we can take care of without putting too much upfront. Therefore, overall, we highly recommend Don Valley and his group. Other members in his team that we dealt with are also very helpful. Overall, this is very pleasant experience.


Our house is successfully closed yesterday. From start, Don has been very professional. He priced the house so accurate that we sold it at full price as listed. He has been very responsive to all the questions I have. And he has a great network of service people that can help us during the process.  Unlike some agents, he didn't push us to repair this, upgrade that. He only pointed to the essentials that we can take care of without putting too much upfront. Therefore, overall, we highly recommend Don Valley and his group. Other members in his team that we dealt with are also very helpful. Overall, this is very pleasant experience.


Mike helped us both purchase homes, and rent them out. We cannot say enough about his professionalism, integrity, knowledge and attentiveness. HIGHLY recommended. He will work tirelessly for your goals, while always giving you straight forward accurate advice and information.  You'll never feel like you are getting a run around or sales pitch. Plus, He is some of the nicest people you'll meet.

David G

Very enthusiastic professional Realtor.  Jennifer exudes positive energy.  My home sold in 4 days and I was very pleased with the entire experience.  Would definitely recommend.

Lourdes &

The service that Patty provided us with – before, during and <em>even after the sale</em> – has been above and beyond in every way. We would <em>highly</em> recommend her as a REALTOR® to anyone considering a real estate transaction in the Green Valley area.

Sue a

Angela is the nicest person you'll meet, unless you are on the other side of the negotiation from her. She is always professional and will speak her mind. She injected some much needed realism into the process when we found ourselves going down some rabbit holes. There was never a doubt that she was working for us and looking out after our best interest. I give her my highest recommendation.


Whiteman F

Dyann just sold our home for us, and it was a completely smooth process. We had two offers on the very first day and they were able to get the second offer to go as a backup offer which we ended up needing as the first buyer backed out. I would definitely use her again if we ever sold our new home.


Angela was an active part of our search, working with us long distance, and responsive to our requests. When we came to town, she gave us her full attention, and set up a series of visitations for us. And she found the perfect house for us. she was such a pleasure to work with, and she organized the after sale details under a tight dead line while we were still in town. Her help was outstanding.


Lori is exceptional! She listened to my list of must haves and nice to haves and created a day of home tours that were spot on. She knows the neighborhoods, the schools, and has an abundance of knowledge around the legalities of purchasing a home in AZ. I submitted an offer on a home which was accepted. Lori organized all of the inspections that I requested and guided me through the final negotiations. She is responsive, organized, and accessible. I highly recommend Lori for anyone looking to buy a home in Tucson.


Wanted to let you know that we have lived in our home for 3 years as of 10-22-13.  We toasted the event and you were included!  If it had not been for your diligence and caring ways of doing business, we would not have known the comfort of this place!


                    My husband and I purchased our first home under new construction in December 2012 in Oro Valley. John was with us each step of the way. He never rushed us into any decisions and attended all of our meetings with the Home Gallery (telling us which upgrades would have the best resale value), Superintendent and all trades that came through the door. This continued well after we moved into our home and needed the builder to fix a variety of issues. We always felt like he was in our corner and ready to support us in all circumstances. My husband and I continue to rely on John and Megan's expertise as we furnish and landscape our home. They are available day or night through email and text and they never make us feel like we are bothering them. Although we encountered some challenges with our builder, John and Megan made our real estate transaction a positive experience and we would highly recommend them to anyone in the Oro Valley and greater Tucson area. They are not only experienced real estate professionals but they are wonderful people.

Damien &

Adriana and her partner Ed both helped to purchase our new home and then, took charge of selling our former home. Our property was listed for only a few days and was sold during a luke-warm realty market. Both Ed and Adriana were most professional and extremely personable, making both transactions as enjoyable as these processes can be.


Kathy and her team invested many hours into helping my husband and I buy a home. We are a young couple and were relocating to Tucson from across the country, and Kathy worked with us for months from long distance until we found exactly what we were looking for. She was professional and thoughtful  as she helped us understand the market in the area and the home-buying process in Tucson. In addition, she connected us with other professionals in the area whenever we needed things, and we never felt pressured as we searched. Kathy spent hours working with us even though we had a small budget, and we ended up finding a home well below what we expected to pay. In fact, we felt like our needs were more important to her than making a sale, and I have the sense she treats all of her clients with similar care. We will be calling her again if we ever buy a new home!

amanda s

Kathy Vallee ensured my satisfaction with the home-buying process by going above and beyond every step of the way. She is knowledgeable, assertive, patient, and follows through. Kathy and Don Vallee, plus the Vallee Gold Team, earned my business. Let them earn yours; you will be glad you did!


When we closed on Tuesday, Linda and I knew that we had found our perfect Tucson home! We celebrated after many months of working to find a home and preparing to move.TWe connected with Cindie and she quickly gained our confidence and trust. Your willingness to investigate those Tucson locations for us was invaluable, because all that information went into our decision to buy our home. You were tireless and always respoded to oue emails and our telephone calls. I want to thank you for that because we always felt that you were listening.Thank you Deb, for caring for all the details and important transactions tha occurred throughout our closing.Linda and I know that we could not find a better team to listen, and work to satisfy our desires for just the right home.- Larry & Linda Burkholder

Linda &

Just wanted to let everybody who reads this that Don and kathy Vallee are one of the most trusted and knowledgeable realtors I have had the pleasure to meet. We came to Tucson not knowing the area or anybody. They took great care in showing us what kind of property that would meet our needs and wants. He had everything done in advance of us meeting him. He picked us up at our hotel and showed us around the Oro Valley area so we could get a feel for it. He made us very comfortable about our purchase of our new home. If this was Trip Adviser, The Vallee Gold Team would get 5 Stars all day long.Thanks Don and Kathy 

Stephen S

I note that the reviews are all from buyers.....I was a seller. Angela helped to establish the correct price, went through the house and explained what I needed to do to make it more attractive to buyers. She kept in touch during the process, always with positive comments, and encouragement. She knows the neighborhood I lived in in the Foothills. She continually sent me comments from prospective buyers after they had viewed the property. My townhouse was on the market for about three weeks, with many prospects. When the sale was set, she handled the paper work efficiently, with regard for my lack of experience in selling. She always explained what was being done and why. I feel I made a very good friend. I would recommend her highly!


Don and his associate Rayma were available to my unexpecte schedules. Rayma was gracious and knowledgable. We have every confidence that Don and Rayma has our best interst in mind. The daily email updates and target account provide easy access and communication for a hectic lifestye.


The Welton Family video Testimonial

Jana W

My husband and I have been dealing with Kathy and Don for the past 5-6 years. We have successfully bought 2 condo's and a house with the help of their expertise. They are both very professional and two of the kindest people I know. Tucson has become a second home for us and a big part of our love  of the desert has been through many hours over the years spent with Don and Kathy.......we consider them our friends!! Look no further.......go with The Valle Team!! I also have to mention how wonderful Liane is........she has gone above and beyond to help us as well!!


Kathy Vallee was extraordinary. My home was listed with another agency and the property was not moving. I had given my agent two weeks' notice. As well, I had already relocated to Phoenix and was clearly anxious to sell my home in Sahuarita. After conversations with others, I received a  recommendation from a local (Phoenix) commercial real estate agent to call Kathy because "she gets it done."During the initial telephone call, I could tell that Kathy was the person to whom I needed to turn. Kathy connected with me right away. She understood my concerns and did her homework before calling me with advice. Kathy was diligent about returning phone calls - even though it meant calling after 7:00 PM. We developed a game plan that included using the services of a professional to properly stage the house, developing stronger marketing materials, and an approach to expand/target the right buying demographic for the home.I was frantic and dealing with Kathy had me feeling "rescued." We did not have a chance to go further as my agent came up with a buyer at the last minute. NEVERTHELESS, the way in which Kathy provided support was professional, confident, and had me wishing that I had gone to her first.

Sharon S

We purchased a home with the Vallee Gold team this past year and had the best experience ever. Their responsiveness and professionalism were top shelf. Both Kathy and Don responded within minutes of our calls and their knowledge of the Tucson market and neighborhoods were stellar. We recommend  that you call them when buying or selling a home or property as they will provide excellent customer service.


Kathy and Don have helped me buy two homes and sell one. They are an excellent team and provided the right amount of personal and professional attention to my every need during the stressful yet exciting process of buying and selling homes, expecially during these times. I would strongly recommend  them to all Tucson home owners and buyers...both new and seasoned.

Cathy R

After years of renting, I wanted to look into buying a home. A good friend referred me to Sandi. As a first-time home buyer I was nervous and asked many questions. I found Sandi to be very well informed and easy to work with. I was pre-approved through my credit union and put and offer in on a home. The credit union financing fell through and Sandi went to work quickly finding another lender that was able to get the loan approval AND we were still able to close on time! Thanks Sandi for doing a great job.

Brett B

It was our good fortune to have Jennifer represent us when we moved to Tucson. She is young and enthusiastic, and she knows the area well. She understood our needs, and worked hard to find us the perfect home. We would gladly work with her again, we highly recommend Jennifer Opilla to anyone  considering a move to the Oro Valley area!

Nancy Goodman

Cannot say enough about The Vallee Gold Team. They worked very hard to find my husband and I a place to call home. Don took the time to understand what it was we wanted to show us homes comparable to what we asked for to not waste time and I respected that about him. Not only after we found what we wanted he helped in every step through closing to make the home owners experience something to truly celebrate. They will treat you like family and go the extra mile.

Brenda P

<strong>What did you like best about MY service?</strong>Very progessional and always kept me informed on progress<strong>Was I responsive to your needs and concerns?</strong>Very much.<strong>Would you use my services again?</strong>Of course.<strong>What do you feel I coul do to better serve my clients?</strong>Not a thing!  you did everything I could ask.<strong>Would you refer your friends and family to me?</strong>Yes.<strong>Overall - on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the best) where would you rank my service, knowledge and professionalism?</strong>4.5 -- Nobody's Perfect.

Dan Z

Great job!  Very understanding , helpful and detailed with everything.

John A

Laurie Hassey, by far, is the best realtor in Tucson. I have known her now for over 2 years during which she has represented me on the purchase of rental property, referred me to an excellent Long realtor for purchase of a house outside her area, and most recently helped me sell my home of the  last 19 years. When we met with her to pursue rental property, she not only showed us pertinent properties in good rental areas, she has extensive personal experience owning and managing rentals which she shared with us along the way. She spent hours talking us through all phases of rental ownership to teach us the ins and outs of this new business area, and found us a great property at a gonga value. Laurie recently helped us sell our home of 19 years. She met with us well before the listing to review our property and advise on maintenance and repairs we should take care of, how to prepare the house to show it, market entry timing, and market conditions. As we got closer to listing the house, she reviewed comps with me and took me out to visit similar houses on the market which would compete with mine before we set the asking price. When we listed with her, she 'staged' the vacant house with many accessories (pictures, flowers, fruit bowl, towels...) and some furniture to best show the residence and give buyers a comfortable and un-cluttered experience as they looked through the property. She had a professional photographer come in and worked with him on angles and photos to provide extensive online access to our property while capturing the unique features of open views, family ready large rooms and back patio / pool / yard, kitchen and master bedroom. Laurie's professional and compassionate approach to preparing us and our home for market, constant management and follow-up on showings and open houses, and attention to every little detail resulted in the successful sale of our house in less than one month followed by on-time closure of escrow less than one month later. Her attention to every little detail through the negotiations, sale, and escrow process combined with her professional experience to anticipate every needed document and action made this complex transaction totally seamless. My every contact with her was met with immediate responses and activity. Even though I was transitioning addresses and emails, she and her team never missed a call back or response to my queries. Laurie is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her as the top agent in Tucson!!


Terrific!  Debbie was referred by our Long agent in Tucson.

John &

Excellent.  Debbie goes out of her way to take care of small details that are appreciated by the buyer.  Incredibly efficient and helpful.  I'd refer Debbie in a heartbeat.


Don and Kathy Vallee are the leaders when it comes to all things real estate. They are exceptional negotiators with a constant plan to meet their clients' wants and needs. Their attention to detail and market knowledge is unsurpassed. I highly recommend them.

Debbie B

Lisa was great helping me sell and find another home to buy. She was on top of everything and so prompt. I have dealt with other real estate agents before and I did not want to keep working with them. They just did not seem to know what they were doing. Lisa always had the answers and always got back to me with them quick. Lisa is a true full time real estate professional and that’s what you need when your purchasing or selling a home. Lisa is the best! 

Kathy C

Dear Mr. Woods, I am writing  to register my satisfaction with the representation I received from Ralph and MIchelle Hartley on the sale of Placita Tuberia.They were highly professional from start to finish and very knowledeable of local market conditions. Their advice from start to finish was spot on and they worked dilligentlv to negotiate terms which were fair to myself as the seller and to my buyer.Their communicatiion  skills were excellent and every question answered in a timely and accurate manner. I have had considerable real estate experience in past years but I was rusty and therefore  grateful to have such fine advice. I have rarely had dealings with such capable, friendly  and sincere individuals.  I never doubted their honesty from start to finish. What I had expected to have been an agonizing process was smooth and painless thanks to these gentle folks. I would endorse and/or  recommend them with enthusiasm. I truly  received two brokers for the price of one, as they worked in tandem very efficiently. Very truly yours,Tony Heath 

Tony H

Selling a house is hard work unless you have someone with Angela's expertise to show the way. We highly recommend working with her. Our house was sold in three days while three others for sale in the same neighborhood were still on the market months later. Thank you, Angela, Joy and Paul


After relocating to Washington, We listed the house with another agent. After three months of little activity and zero feedback, we listed the house with the Tanque Verde Trio. From first contact to closing, their team was fantastic. Our home was vacant, and the trio worked hard to stage the house  with furnishings and accessories. It looked beautiful. They held many open houses and forwarded all comments to us from touring agents and potential buyers. The trio, most notably, Laurie Hassey, made suggestions about minor improvements we could make to improve the home's appeal. She was sensitive to our budget and the improvements resulted in more traffic and a sale three months after listing. Her negotiating skills were excellent. We were very happy with the price we received. Thanks so much!


Pat is an excellent listener and very good at interpreting what I actually required. She is also very knowledgeable about construction requirements as well as the aesthetics of the real estate that she showed me. She showed me only appropriate homes and finally found me the perfect fit


Stephen Woodall really went the extra mile for us. He took the time to understand our needs and did everything in his power to meet them, even as they changed. We were a challenge and would not be in our new home without him. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Joady &

Dear NancyThis letter is long over due but still very needed and important. I wanted to make sure you had a letter from me to use as a reference in your business. I still feel immense gratitude at all you did for Mark and I during the process of the purchase of our home in Arizona. You put in so much of your own time and efforts to bring about the transaction and I know you went above and beyond the call of duty.It was so comforting to have you to work with seeing as how it was a long distance transaction for us and we were not in Arizona to do all the things a buyer usually does ie: meet the home inspector at the house, meet all the repairmen at the house, verify work is being done and done correctly, trim the overgrown bushes at the entrance to our home:)Since we were buying from the Bank a foreclosed home and the Realtor representing the bank was not really doing his job in many instances you picked up the slack there too and did what had to be done. The many references you gave us for house cleaners, floor cleaners, home warranty etc all panned out to be excellent people to work with as well.All and all you were the best Realtor I could have hoped for and I will always be grateful for all you did for us in regards to our home purchase.You were always professional, kind, thorough, and pleasant to work with through the entire process that stretched over several months.Once againThank you from the bottom of our hearts,


Jerry & Marcia truly extended themselves in helping us purchase our home. What a pleasure to work with them!

James &

Don sold my home on Tucson. Home had been on market for many months before I hired him. Original realtors were not successful in generating any traffic. Once I listed the home with Don the home sold in 20 days. Customer service was excellent. Great follow through. Great team he has developed. Would not hesitate to use his services again. 

Michelle I

BRAVO! . . . to Brenda O'Brien and Michael Lynch of the O'Brien Team at Long Realty for selling our Oro Valley house in 19 days. We had been on the market for 5 months with another Realtor with little activity.  We decided to change Realtors and took a friend's advice to call Brenda.  What a great decision! We met with Brenda O'Brien and Michael Lynch and they orchestrated an amazing marketing plan that attracted many potential buyers.  Their efforts resulted in a clean offer significantly above the average cost per square foot in our area.  This allowed us to relocate to Colorado just in time to move into the new house we built . . . with no interim housing arrangements. It takes professionalism and commitment to make that happen!  Simplify your Real Estate transaction - talk to Brenda and Michael

Bob &

Very professional & attentive.

Sally T

Met Angela the year before we bought and so glad we hung on to her card. She is so knowledgable about the Tucson area and also helped hook us up with contractors who could help with our remodel. We not only consider her an awesome professional realtor, but also count her as a friend.


Absolutely outstanding!  Give Bill an 11.  Multible offers and we got house.

Joe S

Your letter and workup were amazing. I am very impressed, and remember, I have been working with agents for 30 years. I think your sale's price estimate was right on; what I was thinking too. The whole letter had all so well stated, you have done a lot of research and I appreciate it.Your makreting plan is awsome too... you are GOOD!!!!

Having grown up in Tucson and lived in several major cities around the country, Deidre understands the needs of both Tucsonans and newcomers to the area.  She is a relentless advocate for her clients from the first phone call to the final settlement.  Her knowledge of the local market was invaluable in helping us narrow down our choices and find the perfect house in the perfect location."  

Phyllis L

Though my wife and I were rather indecisive with our house requirements, Lori was VERY patient and professional. She worked with us tirelessly for months, showing us many houses until we figured out and found what we were looking for. When we found our house, everything went smoothly. Lori helped us every step of the way, even helping paint after we moved in! (Your mileage may vary...) I have recommended Lori to friends and co-workers, and will continue to do so. If and when we sell our Tucson home, I hope Lori will be there to help us again.


While riding on Thunderbird near Cave Creek Rd in Phoenix, I had to pull out into the driving lane every 50 feet or so to avoid overgrown tree limbs. Max Morris commented that he was surprised that the city hadn't taken care of it. I said, "I guess Phoenix doesn't have a Damion Alexander!" Thank you for being an advocate and asset to our community!!

Rachel A

Kim is down to Earth and receptive. She is intuitive and was willing to get us on an auto email list that would alert us to any new lisiting. When no homes were appealing to us, she was patient and understanding. And, this may not seem like a big deal, but she was aware that I did not like bathroom doors open and when we were visiting a home for the second time, she arrived early and intentionally closed the bathroom door. Just saying she was definitely dialed in to what was a concern of mine. We enjoyed getting to know her in the process and comes highly recommended! Professional, but not pushy.

Dick a

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my experience regarding my house searching with Sherry. When I moved to Tucson, I worked with my SIRVA agent. I gave the agent a very detailed list for what I was looking for. I also showed the agent the floor plan I like. However, I was told that there was no home on the market and I should wait after the super bowl season when many more new listings became available. As I couldn’t wait so long, I went to the open house and met with sherry.I did the same thing to Sherry as I did to my previous agent: gave her a very detailed list for what I was looking for and showed her the floor plan. Very shortly, she found the property in Marana, almost exactly the property I described and showed to her. My wife and I like it very much and eventually we purchased this home. Learning from my experience with my previous agent and Sherry, I have to conclude that Sherry’s ability to sense and comprehend customer’s needs is outstanding.Her professional services to customers are also very impressive. I had some concerns about potential new building blocking my backyard view. She did a thorough, convincing research about that issue and addressed my concern.  Overall, I am very much impressed by her ability and professionalism to help customers to find their new home they like.

Dr. A

Alicia did an amazing job helping me to sell my house! She worked with me and gave me several helpful hints on preparing my house and getting me the best price, and I sold it quickly. I will definitely have Alicia help my buy my next house.

Laurie J

Debbie was fantastic.  Quick to learn what we wanted, attentive to all details, willing to do whatever it to to make us comfortable.


house hunting on bikes....does it get any better?

John S

We saw your name on a Sign in front of a property you were Selling. Jennifer, you showed a lot of patience with us through a long process. You gave us good advice and a variety of excellent recommendations. You were attentive and informative through every step of the process. Thanks!


Jerry & Marcia were very good.  Everything was well handled.

Neil &

We met Jerry at an open house and "adopted" him & Marcia as our Realtors.  Nice couple!

Marc &

Jerry & MarciaSo very grateful for all the ways you've been there for me to help make things easier.Love


Thanks Damion for doing the entire home buying process on bikes. From looking at the properties, the inspections and even riding to sign the final documents. The experience could not have been better.

Dan N

Highly likely to recommend Bought a Single Family home in 2014 in Oro Valley, AZ.As first time home buyers, it was a relief to have someone like Lisa Bayless guiding us through the process. Not only was Lisa knowledgeable about the market, she was patient and explained each step of the home buying process to us in detail. Lisa is an excellent listener and she stayed within our parameters.  She never tried to sell us more than we told her we could afford. She is also easy to talk to and is a strong negotiator.  We enjoyed spending time with her and were able to trust her with the purchase of our first home. We did our homework on Lisa.  She is known in the local community and has a good reputation. I would strongly recommend Lisa to any home buyer.

I am honored to give my highest recommendation to real estate professional Lisa Bayless.It is important that the relationship between realtor and potential home buyer or seller be defined by mutual trust. Lisa has so many positive attributes, but her most defining characteristic must certainly be integrity. Lisa is absolutely trustworthy in her efforts to effectively bring buyers and sellers together. My confidence in Lisa’s home recommendations and associated activities grew steadily from our first meeting to the moment when we successfully closed the deal.Additionally, Lisa is an amazingly attentive listener with also possesses outstanding intuition. During our initial interview she patiently took notes on what my family hoped to find in the perfect home. Without question quality and location were important, but Lisa also precisely assessed our desires regarding the subtler attributes. As time passed she came to know exactly the type of home that would meet and even surpass our expectations. In doing so Lisa protected our busy schedules. She is an absolute professional who treated my family with respect and courtesy.Lisa is a native Tucsonan with a complete knowledge of our unique housing market. Just as importantly, she understands the diversity that characterizes our southern Arizonan culture. With this background Lisa is able to provide superb advice on the wide variety of home styles that are found locally. Importantly, Lisa is also an excellent judge of quality. Regardless of the style or construction type we were constantly assured that homes presented during the search met or exceeded our high standards.If you are looking for absolutely integrity, wise judgment, true loyalty, and sure knowledge in a realtor, go no further. Lisa Bayless is the finest real estate professional in Tucson. Kent LaughbaumColonel, USAF (Ret)

Kent L

Bought a Single Family home in 2014 in Oro Valley, AZ.Lisa Bayless was a pleasure to work with. Lisa came highly recommended from a friend who had used her as a Realtor to buy a home in Oro Valley, AZ. From the moment we contacted Lisa, she did everything possible to help us with our relocation to Arizona from California. She was prepared to show us properties that fit our needs and she did not try to upsell us. She was always prompt in returning our calls and worked tirelessly to help us find the home of our dream. Before we even arrived in AZ Lisa had an itinerary ready for our visit. Lisa is so kind and professional. She is also a good listener and has a great sense of humor. When we found a home we liked Lisa helped us negotiate and she was there to lead us through all the details during our escrow. We were impressed by her attention to detail and how well she stayed on top of any issues that arouse during escrow. Basically Lisa was there from start to finish and we she has been there to support us even after the close of escrow. We cannot say enough good things about our experience with Lisa. We recommend Lisa Bayless to anyone looking for a top notch professional.

Pat has helped my family and I multiple times throughout the past 12 years in both selling and purchasing our homes. She is a passionate, professional and dedicated realtor that provides the highest level of customer service to her clients. Her hard work and commitment has resulted in us referring  many families to her over the years.


I had the pleasure of Pat Leahy's knowledge and expertise when we moved to Tucson in 2007. She made the process of finding a home very easy for my husband and I. She made sure we looked in the right areas as well as helping us negotiate pricing when we did find a wonderful home. We are presently  still in that home and could not be happier with the house and area. Pat gives house hunting her all. We are still friends six years later. Thanks Pat!


Outstanding! Marcia & Jerry went above & beyond to promote our house and make a deal work

Tom &

When was the last time you regretted having the best? Never, probably. How often have you regretted giving up the opportunity to have the best? Too many times, probably. With Angela Tennison, you will have the best, and you'll never look back. Angela Tennison is a remarkable realtor. Her knowledge of the Foothills is unsurpassed. Her commitment to her clients is unwavering. If you have questions or need advice, she's there. Always. Angela's commitment to her clients does not end with a transaction. Later if you have questions or need assistance, she's still there for you. My hunch is that customers from years ago still consider Angela their friend and remember fondly the excellent service and support that she provided. Angela's deep knowledge of the Foothill's real estate market means she understands fully the value of various properties. Her years of experience in the Foothills means that she sees trends and understands what's happening before most others do. If you're looking to buy or sell, call Angela. It will prove to be one of the best phone calls you've made. Ever.


Both Marcia and Jerry File were very professional yet comfortable to work with in the entire transaction. 

Howard &

Very accomodating to show properties and write up offers. Very resourceful, pleasant and caring

Tom &

We have only the best to say about Lori. She was responsive to every request and worked tirelessly to help us find the perfect house. She is caring and patient and always went above and beyond to guide us through the entire process. We strongly recommend Lori to anyone buying or selling a house.


Tracey was the best real estate agent we could have asked for. As first time home buyers we has A LOT of questions and Tracey was always available and more than willing to answer them. Over the course of our home search, we looked and walked through many houses and Tracey was there for all of them. She was encouraging, helpful and willing to do whatever it took to get us our dream home. We genuinely cannot thank her enough

Skylar & Hailey Hathaway

Very professional!

Earnest &

Bill was very helpful with the purchase of our home.

John A

We had not purchse a house for almost 30 years.  We were very happy with our treatment and had a wonderful experience.  I would recommend Rick to anyone.

Donna H

Excellent!!  Bill has sold me 3 house along with several of my friends houses.

R<strong>ick is a very knowledgable, professional and experienced representive.  He is hard working and is very friendly, and not pushy.</strong>

Richard W

Pat Leahy is the best realtor we have ever worked with. We were searching for an AZ home while still living in California. We were interested in the Oro Valley area and Pat was knowledgable about every neighborhood and the pros and cons of each area. She took the time to really know what we were  looking for in a home and made sure she was available whenever we came into town. Once we found the home we wanted, she helped us negotiate the best price. Pat communicated with us daily in regards to the escrow processes and paperwork. She attended every inspection and referred us to any vendor/ contractor we needed. I would absolutely recommend Pat to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home!


Gregg sold our house, and we purchased another one through him. When I found a house to preview, he made himself available to show it to us, usually same day. Closing on both was a breeze. Our granddaughter got married last Fall. Gregg will be agent for them also. What I liked best was he put no pressure on us. When we asked questions, if he did not know answers, he said so. Would then find correct information on home and get back to us. Totally pleased

Lori not only helped us find the perfect home, but gave us an excellent introduction to Tucson! She helped us with every aspect of our move from the Midwest to Tucson. I recommend Lori far and above any other realtor I've worked with in the past. What an asset to Long Realty! Thank you Lori!Lori not only helped us find the perfect home, but gave us an excellent introduction to Tucson! She helped us with every aspect of our move from the Midwest to Tucson. I recommend Lori far and above any other realtor I've worked with in the past. What an asset to Long Realty! Thank you Lori!


*I wanted to write to you so I can explain why I have made the decision I have. I was so impressed with your friendliness and professionalism that I almost wish I had made a different decision because I think it would be a wonderful experience to work with you. But as you can probably tell, after much thought and talking to my family, I have decided I will stay in my house.If I ever have occasion to recommend you to anyone I will definitely do it. I think you do fabulous work and I wish you the very best in your future in the real estate business. 


We have used Don and Kathy to sell and buy homes in Tucson and, for us, there is no better team of RE professionals to consider. They are at the top of their game with marketing, client response, inspections, and making sure each transaction is flawless with all questions answered. We imposed our  last transactions on them from out of state over Thanksgiving and Christmas (yuck) but Kathy made us feel like we were the center of her holiday season. We happily refer them to everyone we know and will continue to do.


Very good!  They couldn't have done anything better!

Donald a

Sherry, thank you so much for all your hard work on the Orinda Lane transaction. It's been quite a journey and we were a great team!

Linda J

My husband and I are residents of California. Last year it was necessary for us to hire a listing agent to sell a family property in Tucson. My husband, who has been a real estate broker in California since 1985, was sent to Tucson to interview listing agentsHe selected Laurie out of a  number of very well respected agents in Tucson. We are very glad he did. The sale of the property was lengthy and far from straightforward, being fraught with many difficult repair issues. Laurie displayed exemplary skill, hard work, perseverance and good humor throughout the process and eventually brought the sale to a successful conclusion.Having been around real estate transactions for about 30 years, my husband has a very good understanding of everything Laurie did for us. It was above and beyond any normal expectation. He says one rarely meets an agent of Laurie's caliber and we cannot recommend her highly enough.


July 1, 2014 Rosey Koberlein, CEOLong Companies900 E River RdTucson, AZ,  85718 Dear Ms Koberlein,I want to acknowledge the amazing work of one of your realtors, Gary LaPrise.  I have utilized him over the years for a past home purchased and referred him to several friends who also raved about him.  Most recently I utilized him to both sell my home and purchase a new one.In a nutshell, Gary always goes above and beyond the call of duty, supporting buyer and seller alike to assure the best possible transaction.  A small example - I witnessed him  hand delivering an okay to a HOA president for a new buyer (not his client) so she would feel comfortable in her new neighborhood as she needed to know her planned cat run would meet HOA requirements.   He is respectful and considerate of other realtors and their clients, and certainly is a great advocate and truth-teller to his own clients.  His integrity is unimpeachable.  Using his wide knowledge about both the  real estate  process and the human element, he explains things simply and clearly and knows how to un-ruffle feathers or bring down anxiety that can be present thru the normal challenging course of home selling and buying.His humor and compassion and keen knowledge of the vulnerabilities of people are a perfect blend with his focus on providing great service.  He has sacrificed his own profits to support his clients and focuses on fairness and customer service above all. He lives by his own motto of 'doing the right thing" and 'taking care of his clients", knowing the value of those actions on future working relationships.Gary's approach to real estate has truly boosted the reputation  of Long Realty and I hope you know what an asset he is GratefullyTB 


Very friendly, understanding and accommodating,  I am recommending you to friends who will be selling their house.

Jackie J

Stephen did a great job on all aspects of the home buying process. He screened houses well so we didn’t waste time on ones that weren’t a fit. He was effective in the negotiation to get to a fair contract and he made it especially easy on us by managing all of the inspections and repairs needed to get the house ready for closing. We enjoyed working with him.

Bill &

Our experience in purchasing a condo could not have been better. The credit for that goes entirely to Stephanie Mahan. We were renters in a building and noticed that there was an open house on the floor below us. Once we looked around and bombarded Steph with questions she responded patiently, thoroughly and professionally. With her guidance, we decided to make an offer. We think everyone walked away satisfied and happy and you can't do better than that, right?"

Al &

Excellent!  We met at an open house.

Neil H

We can not Thank You enough for your kindness and expertise in helping us find our first home! You were fun & easy to work with. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Tai C

Angela Tennison is a real Pro in the Real Estate Industry! We used her services in selling our Tucson home five years ago and she impressed us so much that we recently had her help us purchase a Condo in the Tucson foothills without actually seeing the property because we were so confident that Angela knew what we desired. Angela, is very knowledgeable, trustworthy and responsive. We're confident that you too will be pleased with her services. Jim and Marilyn


We had to buy a home while my husband was stationed in Afghanistan. Our agent, Ann McDermott who works with the Lisa Bayless team was just awesome. She coordinated all our showings for times when my husband could be here. We gave her criteria that we knew was a challenge and she took the challenge seriously, even showing us some homes that were not on paved roads but fit the rest of our wish list. We eventually bought a home just one house away from paved road on dirt that we never would have even looked at if it weren’t for our agent insisting it had everything else we wanted. We couldn’t be more grateful to Ann and Lisa for finding us our true dream home!

Sandy C

I used Pat to buy my first home in Tucson. She made it painless. When it came time to sell I used her again, same experience. I had the chance to used her for 2 more purchases and one sale and every time she never let me down. She worked within my budget, followed up on everything, guided me  through the ever changing real-estate laws over the years and all her referrals were great. I wish I had her out here in MO where I live now! I hope you have the pleasure of working with her soon. She is the best!


Without a question Pat is an outstanding broker providing conscientious service with the patience. I not only purchased a home through her but she also sold my previous home. I would and have recommended Pat to others planning to purchase a home.


Kathie, was an excellent real estate agent. Very through, knowledgeable, great personality and a very hard worker. She listed my home and then sold it, which I will forever be so very grateful to her for all of her hard work.


Jennifer is the best out there! If it weren't for her expertise, I would not be sitting in my new home right now! I had a very difficult sale, referred to as "the perfect storm!" Three Government Agencies, and SHE GOT IT DONE! 

Dawn J

We are so lucky to have had Stephanie as our real estate agent. She  always went above and beyond to ensure that we found what we were  looking for. She is a pleasure to work with and a GREAT help. She is so  honest and upfront about the properties she's shown us, and I couldn't ask for anything more."

Zdenka &

Hi, LaShawnda,I just wanted to let you know that I met with some of the ladies after you left and they said that they felt really inspired by you and that your positive attitude was uplifting. Many of them said that they were excited to get the books and look forward to reading them when they get home. One woman stated that she felt special that the author of the book signed her copy!Hopefully we can work together in the future!Thanks again!

Lisa Syrrakos

I contacted Dyann by email from Greeley Colorado. I had my home in Tucson rented and the renters got behind on the rent then skipped. After talking to Dyann after she did a walk through, she made recommendations what had to be repaired. I asked her to recommend a contractor for repairs and she even contacted him and he quickly made repairs. Also she contacted a pool maintenance company to get the pool into shape, thus making the home ready to show. Dyann was constantly in contact with me keeping me current on what was going on with the home. I received four offers and took the last and it was sold in four months. I am completely satisfied with Dyann as a realtor and recommend her to any parties looking for a home in the Tucson area.


Dyann helped us buy our house in 2006. Since the realtor on the other side was a real Jerk ( and that;s being nice) the deal almost fell through several times. She helped us with a lease back and then to deal with the issues when the other side broke the contract. Dyann was able to keep things on track and get the deal closed in spite of the other guy.Dyann had helped a friend of mine purchase a house years earlier so I knew she did a good job for him.I HIGHLY recommend Dyann for any residential needs. She is nice and very professional.


We contracted Dyann to sell our house a couple months ago. She sold it in just over three weeks and we received our asking price. I have absolute respect for Dyann and for her professionalism...It was obvious from the start that she had our interests at heart. She was totally professional in every way. I know, without a doubt, that when she tells you something you can take it to the bank. I unhesitatingly recommend her to any and all who want an honest, reliable, and hardworking pro on their side!!!


Excellent!  I had Jerry and Marcia sell my house in Corte Balla approx 8 - 10 years ago. They were excellent then and now!Anton & Sharon

Anton &

Dyann sold my home in 6 days and found me a new home within that time. I loved working with her. Knows her business and very professional. She was recommended to me by 2 friends of mine. They loved working with her also. She made me feel comfortable and at ease as I was selling a family house where 5 generations of my family had lived. Very emotional but Dyann was so reassuring the whole way. I highly recommend her and will definitely be passing her name on to all my friends. The photographer she hired to take pictures of my home was excellent. Dyann made sure that photos were taken at different times of the day and every room looked beautiful. I actually wanted to keep it after I saw the pictures.


It is without hesitation and with great honor that we would like to commend Stephen Woodall, Realtor for the exemplary performance that he demonstrated throughout our working relationship with him during our recent home build. My husband and I had the privilege of working with Stephen over the past years in looking for investment properties, and most recently in building our home at Del Webb/Dove Mountain. Stephen spent a considerable amount of time taking us to various properties to identify what would best suit our needs and wants in purchasing a new home. We ultimately decided on building in the new Del Webb/Dove Mountain community. Throughout the entire build process Stephen was attentive to all our needs and continued to exceed our expectations.Unfortunately, during the process there were some issues that came up during the Design phase that required some escalated attention. Stephen did not hesitate one moment, and sought out the right individual within the Pulte Development Company to address the issues. The issues were not only addressed, but each situation had a positive outcome. He has stood by our side from the search phase, to the purchase phase, throughout the entire build to the closing of our home. Stephen went to the “mat” for us when necessary. We have never experienced such a dedicated and committed Realtor in all our experiences of buying and building 6 homes. Throughout our time of working with Stephen he has always been an individual that was very professional, even tempered and continuously demonstrated a “can do” spirit under challenging circumstances. We cannot say that has always been our experiences in working with other Realtors.It is with highest regard for Stephen Woodall that we recommend him for recognition for his “excellence” in demonstrated customer service as an exemplary Realtor!

Elaine &

Dyann was a pleasure to work with. We have known each other casually for many years when our children attended the same school. It was in 2008, when going through a divorce, that I had the opportunity to use Dyann for my real estate needs. Dyann's patience and compassion, helped make a scary and overwhelming process very easy for me because of her knowledge, attention to detail and integrity. She showed me numerous homes in a variety of areas of Tucson that I was considering before I finally made my decision in 2009. Dyann walked me through each and every step and helped me to understand the process of buying my first home on my own. Dyann's connections with the community helped provide me with reliable help for my inspection process, my loan process and the closing process.

p shew

Al and Sandy were flawless in handling our recent retirement move to Arizona. In less than 20 days we were able to select, negotiate, inspect, fund and close on our new home. Al made it happen. Working closely with us, Al communicated via email and phone. Including having us remote sign those  documents that did not require wet signatures. We highly recommend Al and Sandy for your real estate needs. 

Larry R

Al recently sold my home in Tucson and was very professional throughout the process. His 40 years of experience clearly showed throughout the transaction as well as his calm demeanor contributing to a successful closing. I would not hesitate to recommend Al as your Realtor, he will get the job done!

Dan E

Al and Sandy made our home buying experience an enjoyable one. Their years of experience show in their work. They explained the home buying process, without making us feel belittled. Both takes pride in their work and works diligently to find the perfect home. They were always available and worked  with our complex schedules. I couldn't be more pleased with how easy Al and Sandy made my first home buying experience. I would highly recommend them to any of our friends or family! Thank you Al and Sandy!Nate H. and Nardos F. of Tucson, Arizona.

Nate a

We worked specifically with Don's colleague, Katy Vallee and Kristine Galvine. She was always reachable and quickly responded to any and all of our questions, regardless of how trivial. Kristine went above and beyond for us- we lived out of state during our entire inspection period, so Kristine made all of our  inspection appointments and personally supervised every walk through and inspection on our behalf. She even took measurements around the house per our request.

Anne I



The very best Real Estate team in all of Tucson and surrounding communities. Al and Sandy were absolutely outstanding in their committment to selling our house in the quickest time possible. Their continuous motivation and informative nature kept us aware of how well our house was doing at all  times within the Tucson market. Their expertise within the real estate venue is invaluable to anyone who wants a "top-notch" team on their side when selling their home becomes paramount. How can you not go with an all around "winner". 

Chris W

We live in Minnesota and needed to sell our mother's house in Tucson. During one trip, Al gladly came to house to meet with us and fully explain the process and offered suggestions for minor improvements to the property. Upon returning to MN, Al provided regular communications with the "Friday  Report", as well as other E-mails and phone calls. Once an offer was made, Al provided skillful negotiation to maximize the price and minimize the expense of needed repairs. Throughout the entire process, Al and his team provided constant communication, which made this a stress-free experience. Al knows how to sell real estate

K. B

Al LaPeter is a real estate expert. He got us into our dream home and negotiated a fair price. He was quick with responses and even helped us find the lender with the best rates around! He made the home buying process easy and comfortable for us, as we had just moved to AZ from out of state. I  highly recommend Al. Thanks so much! 

Jen M

I would like to thank Al for putting my home on the market. He made the transition wonderful. He always made time for us. If we had a question or wanted to look at a home he was always there. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to buy a home or sell their home. It's been a pleasure  working with Al, he has included our kids in this adventure and it's been a great experience for all of us. Thank you Michele Garcia 

Michelle G

Al is very good at what he does. He's very knowledgeable in every aspect of the realty business. Al goes above and beyond what is expected of a realtor. We can call Al anytime day or night and he will make time for us. Al had an open house not to long ago and after leaving that open house we called  him to see if we could see a home. I'm sure after a long weekend he just wanted to go home and put his feet up, but he set it up and met us at the home we wanted to see anyway.We would recommend him highly to anyone thinking of buying or selling a home.Whenever we asked Al questions he had the answer, whether it was what we wanted to hear or not! Honesty in this business is essential to the customer! We haven't purchased a home in over 12 years, many things have changed. But Al knows everything there is to know about the newer ways to get people to see our home using all the new technology. 

Jim G

AL has been outstanding! From our initial meeting through our home search and purchase he has been our support and advocate. I cannot express how grateful my wife and I feel to have chosen Al LaPeter as our Realtor. He is a true professional!

Matt M

Al is absolutely the most professional, dedicated and knowledgeable person I have ever dealt with. I would recommend him to you without reservation. You will be making a wise business decision by working with him.

John D

We received excellent service!  Debbie was always prepared with showings that she thought would meet our needs,  When the "right" one came open, she was on it immediately and it was ours in a matter of hours!  Even long distance!!!  She was always available and continues to be after our move-in!


Al made the hard job of relocating seem easy. He was able to help us locate a great home, worked with us on pricing, arranged all the inspections and guided us through the closing process while we were 900 miles away. I think everyone should have Al as a team member when purchasing a home.

Kwai R

Lisa Bayless was really wonderful to work with. She was extremely patient and helpful. She always returned calls and e-mails very quickly. She was honest and straight forward instead of being pushy which was really beyond great. We couldn’t have found anyone better and neither will you!Dan and Penny A.

Dan a

Laurie is wonderful. We are still working with her from a distance looking for a home. She spent two days in January showing one of us homes and three days in June showing us homes. She continues to send us listing as we continue our search. We will be seeing her in person again this winter. She  knows the are extremely well, is honest and cheerful and understands exactly what we are looking for

caryn s

Yes, Layne is a 5 star real estate agent. Not only is Layne very knowledgable in the selling and closing on a house, layne is very attentive to the details. We live in Mpls and our house for sale was in Tucson and Layne made that distance none existent. Layne went to house house several times to  check on the condition and also contacted our yard and pool service companies if something was required at the house. We will be selling our Mpls house in 2015 and we only wish Layne were in MN to coordinate that sale!


Dyann worked tirelessly with me in 2010 to find just the right home for me & my two daughters. She kept in close contact, making sure I was comfortable & well informed all the way through the process. She listened to my needs & wants. I appreciated her pointing out the positive features of each home as well as why it may or may not be right for my family based on things we had discussed, while not pressuring me one direction or another. Dyann was careful to stay within my budget while desiring my satisfaction. Her negotiation skills are phenomenal & her energy seemingly inexhaustible. She was wonderful, a delight & I absolutely recommend her!


We have been working with Al on finding our new home in the Oro Valley or greater Tucson, AZ area. As we live in Milwaukee Wisconsin, it is difficult to understand the housing market in a totally different area than where we live. Where do we go to get the answers to our questions - only one  person, Al LaPeter. His knowledge of the area is extensive. However, in the unlikely case that he may not have the answer to your question, he knows where to get the needed information and does get back to you right away with the answer that you need. His contacts are vast and he will go the extra mile(s) to help you with your search. Because we are still looking, we can not comment as to his negotiation skills, but we believe that they will be impressive too, once we get to that stage of our new home hunt.

Kim M

"We were admittedly difficult clients in the sense that we had moved almost 2,000 miles with very high expectations and little understanding of the Tucson market.  Deidre had the patience to show us anything and everything we asked about ... and not because we were necessarily interested in a particular home, but to familiarize us in every way possible with our future home town.  We had to put complete faith and trust in her, which we did without hesitation.  And she delivered.  We admired her knowledge and integrity then, and we are very pleased to call her our friend today."

Meryl S

Over the years I have worked with many Realtors. Don Vallee is undoubtedly the best so far. I hope to have the pleasure of working with him on other transactions in the future as he is a man that takes a problem and just solves it. No problem seems too big for Don and his good nature is a big part of that.

Iles W

Excellent, in every respect.


Superior...Debbie was a pro-active and presented everythig to me efficently and kindly.


Don and his staff did an excellent job selling our home in 10 days from listing and negotiating with the other agent and sellers to get us the price we wanted. Many homes in this area were on the market for months and some have still not sold. Having an agent like Don Vallee and his team makes the  experience easy and rewording to all. He sold us our first home and also help us find our new home. Thank you Don and team. 

The W

The Vallee's have been in town for many, many years and truly know the real estate market like few others. Due to an unexpected move, they were able to quickly sell my land and home for as much as I could have hoped for in the down real estate market. They really take care of their clients.


Don and Kathy Vallee are top notch professionals in their field. My wife and I used them as our agents a few years ago and they were excellent in all things real estate. It is very impressive how they listen to the clients individual needs and research to find the perfect home. They are very  progressive and up to date with their statistics and multiple listing service knowledge. We will definitely use them in the future and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.


We both enjoyed working with our agent. She is very thorough, easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable.  We were very satisfied.

Matthew &

Over the years I have worked with many Realtors. Don Vallee is undoubtedly the best so far. I hope to have the pleasure of working with him on other transactions in the future as he is a man that takes a problem and just solves it. No problem seems too big for Don and his good nature is a big part of that.

Lles W

My husband and I had our home on the market for three months. There were few showings and practically no interest. After selecting Al LaPeter as our new listing agent, he and his associate (Sandy) walked us through the house and made several suggestions in regard to how best to prepare our home to  sell. After we made the majority of the suggested changes, Al held an open house during the first weekend of the listing, and sold the house. Total time from signing with Al to the sale was four days!!Al is full of energy, enthusiasm, and optimism. He is immensely knowledgeable, and working with him is and was a joy. Al is an excellent negotiator and secured for us what we consider to be a very equitable price for our home. I recommend Al without reservation.

Kim M

Some may think that Pat Rogers is quite a character.  However, we think of her as a lady with the highest quality character. Through the years we have had several dealings with realtors and can honesty say that we have never had such a unique but wonderful experience, as we have had with Pat! Our home which he helped us find is not a grandiose million dollar listing, but you would never know it.  She took care of us as it we were the most important clients ever.  Relentlessly and persistently she steered the process and guided us to a successful closing. How fortunate we were two work with Pat and how lucky you are to have her work in your office. Sincerely, Rich & Chris

We met Kathy thru Don, her husband as we found him as a realtor in Tucson, Arizona. We listed our house with them which sold in one day! When we told them we were interested in checking out Park City, Utah, they said "Oh, we have an office there and can help you with your search." We communicated  via email and then on our first trip to Park City, was teamed up with Toni Faulk from their office.....and the rest is history! We found exactly what we were looking for in a short period of time and all within budget. They are a super good husband/wife team and their associates are just as awesome, there is a real sense of "Team with no I." Everyone is focused on the same goal and they make it happen!

Kathy O

I would definitely recommend Stephen Woodall. He took amazing photographs that really showcased our house, stayed on top of all details, and was extremely responsive to our needs, any time of the day or night. Best of all, our house sold in 13 days! Thank you for making the house-selling process almost effortless!

Dave &

The Vallee Gold team is wonderful.Many times I was out of town and they would go and preview properties for me, on several occasions. I was looking for a specific property, so it was not easy and time consuming. They have been so willing to work with me for a few years to find this special property,never giving up.They took the time to understand exactly what was needed, which included walking the property and taking measurements. I would highly recommend this team, it is enjoyable to work with them. They put their heart and soul into assisting their clients.


My husband and I ran into some snafus trying to relocate to AZ and our California primary residence fell out of escrow several times. At each point, we had already made a trip to Tucson and toured quite a few homes with Stephen, asking his advice and guidance with each trip. Each time we had to change our plans at the last minute and call Stephen with the bad news. He always took my calls or returned them quickly and “talked me down off the ledge.” And he never let me feel as though I was wasting his time (even when I was!) Stephen always lifted my spirits and told me not to worry — that things had a way of coming together when the time was right. And he was right, too. So — Happy Ending — we love our new home and our new lifestyle here at the Ritz! Thanks, Stephen!

Gay &

Don Vallee and his team at Long Realty did a fantastic job selling my mother's home in Tucson. As I live in Chicago and was handling the sale of her home remotely, I needed a professional in whom I could trust and rely. Don and his team were always responsive, always professional and handled all aspects of the sale with tremendous skill. I recommend them without reservation. 

Ned L

Purchased a home in 2014 with the assistance of the Damion Alexander Team. The entire process was quick, easy, and efficient. The bike rides involved were an added bonus! I highly recommend the Damion Alexander Team for your next home sale or purchase.Thanks guys!

Dan a

Excellent ~ Debbie was very nice, fun & did a great job finding us a home in a relatively short time.  She was referred by a friend.

Mike &

From beginning to end in the purchase and closing of our new home, Stephen Woodall’s performance was superlative, and far beyond anything I have experienced in buying and selling 10+ homes over the last 40 years. Stephen was the most prepared, knowledgeable, dedicated and tireless Realtor I have ever had the pleasure to meet. His detailed knowledge of the local market and negotiating skills easily saved me $30,000 and during the entire process he was ‘two steps ahead’ of everything that was required to be done. His sage advice was offered exactly when it was needed and appreciated, and made the whole process comfortable and as stress-free as one can imagine.

Lloyd &



 Cindie is the most professional and informed realtor that we have ever worked with. We have bought and sold homes in other states. From start to finish, she sees the buying experience through to completion. Even if we encounter a few stumbling blocks, Cindie made the purchase and sales of our homes in Tucson smooth and worry free! We've bought and sold three homes with Cindie and her agency. I can not think of a better realtor that I would even consider.

Allen P

If you have real estate needs of either buying or selling property in the Marion/Polk County area of Oregon, we would like to let you know our experience with Kim Windfeather. We have bought and sold many pieces of property from all over the country including California, Oregon and Hawaii. We  have dealt with many realtors (in the double digit range) and have known Kim Windfeather to be one of the best we have ever worked with. As long distance property owners who wanted to sell, we needed to have an agent that was easily accessible and responsive to our concerns as well as one who would be absolutely loyal and in our corner. Kim Windfeather proved to be far more than that. She went above and beyond in assisting us with details, which allowed us to visualize all work that was done to our property with timely photos, as well as taking care of details we were unable to do from a distance. She helped negotiate selling our house with the skill of a seasoned dedicated realtor. We were grateful for her expertise and know she works hard for all her clients. She is adept in computer skills and we were fortunate to have a system that allowed us easy document signing - instead of the old fax system. We highly recommend Kim and know you will be glad you chose her too.

Belinda a

December 10, 2014To Whom it May Concern,I have worked with Tina Young for the past five years at Sunstreet Mortgage, LLC.  She supervised the closing and funding department.  I am a Loan Originator and we have always worked very closely as she played a major role in my success.  She was always very efficient, professional and very conscious of our deadlines.Tina would be an asset to any institution and I highly recommend her.Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any further assistance. Sincerely, Lucy A GonzalesMortgage Loan OriginatorSunstreet Mortgage LLC

Lucy G

December 10, 2014To Whom It May Concern,I have known Tina M Young for 4 years and have nothing but positive things to say.  I became acquainted with Tina when I became employed by Sunstreet Mortgage LLC.  She is in charge of our closing department which I work closely with.  There is no doubt in my mind that Tina would be an excellent addition to your company.Tina is courteous with employees and most importantly with clients.  Tina has always performed her work in a professional and timely manner.  Her organizational skills are top quality along with her well mannered and efficient professionalism.Tina would be a valuable and great asset to any company and I highly recommend her.Please feel fee to contact me if I can be of any further assistance.Regards,Ilene GomezLoan Officer Assistant

Ilene G

December 10, 2014To Whom It May Concern,I have had the pleasure of working with Tina Young for the past five years.  She is an extremely honest and conscientious worker.  She always maintains her composure and works well under pressure.  She also always treats her coworkers with respect and is well liked by everyone in our organization.My mortgage career has spanned the past twenty-nine years including positions of branch manager and multi-state regional manager.  I am comfortable in saying that whichever company Tina chooses to join will be lucky to have her.Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.Sincerely,Michael T. TakerianSenior Loan Officer/Vice President

Michael T

12/10/2014To Whom it May Concern:I strongly recommend my colleague, Tina Young, for employment.  I have had the great pleasure of working alongside her for the last 5 years.  She took over our closing department and significantly improved all aspects of this area.I have had the opportunity to observe first hand Tina's professional skills as well as interpersonal style.  She is consistently pleasant, and takes on all assignments with enthusiasm and dedication.  I wish that all my co-workers had her attitude and work ethic.We have seen our business incredibly busy and Tina has always been up for the task with a smile on her face.I will miss seeing Tina around the office and believe she would be a great addition for any company looking for a new addition to their firm. Sincerely,Sandy McKeeLoan officer 

Sandy M

 From: Michael JonesRe: Tina YoungTo Whom It May ConcernI have been a Loan Officer with Sunstreet Mortgage, LLC since July 2009.During that time, I have had the privilege of working with Tina Young, who headed up the Closing and Funding Department for Sunstreet Mortgage, LLC.TIna's job was exceptionally stressful because closing and funding are time-critical functions that affect not only the buyer and seller in a transaction, but also every ancillary person (loan officer, buyer's and seller's agents and brokers, appraiser, escrow officer and other title staff) whose livelihood depends on the flow of money from the lender.Despite the stress of her job, Tina's demeanor was always professional and pleasant, both in person and in her communications by phone and email with others.She is missed by those who, like me, depended on her competence and ability.Sincerely,Michael W. JonesLoan Officer

Mike J

As a transplant to the area I needed someone who could guide me through the details of a new community. Al had ideas and suggestions that I would have never considered. I appreciate Al's efforts at getting me the perfect home.

Jane C

Layne did an outstanding job, perfect balance of professionalism and personal touch. He was very engaged throughout the process, willing to jump in and handle many of the issues that must be addressed from preparing to put the house on the market through close. I recommend Layne without hesitation.

Eric G

We had a complicated real-estate package, in that we owned a 3-house family compound to accommodate aging parents and college-aged kids. When it was finally time to down-size and move-on, the house was so large that it proved difficult to sell. Gregg managed to find a family with a similar "sandwich generation" housing need and helped us through the complicated maze of a carry-back mortgage to ensure that they could move in while they worked on selling another property out of town. It worked out well for all of us, giving us an additional small monthly income while the other family worked through their own complicated move. We would not have even considered that option, but Gregg showed us how it could work in our favor, and indeed, we were finally allowed the opportunity to move-on. The option worked well for us and now we're living our own retirement dream in a much smaller property. Gregg got the old property sold under terms and conditions that worked well for us. We are grateful for his expertise. He'll get the job done!

12/18/14To Whom it May Concern,It is with great pleasure that I write this letter on behalf of Tina Young.  Tina was our Closing/Funding Manager here at Sunstreet Mortgage, LLC and worked for Sunstreet for five dedicated years.Tina supervised our Closing/Funding Department and at many times under constant pressure with strict turnaround times to meet the demands of Real Estate Agents, Loan Officers, and our Sunstreet clients.  Her responsibility was to make sure all closing files were accurate and money was balanced to the very penny on all Hud I settlement statements.Tina was always on time for work and often stayed late in the evenings and came in on the weekends when asked to meet closing volume deadlines at various busy times throughout the year.  Tina certainly understands the value and advantages of being part of a "team concept" where a common goal is reached and achieved to get the job at hand completed accurately and positively.I would certainly recommend Tina to any company or firm where honesty and integrity are valued as she truly possesses both of these qualities.  I am certainly available to discuss Tina's performance here at Sunstreet at your convenience.On behalf of all the partners at Sunstreet, we wish Tina Young the best Patrick W. SniezekPrincipal

Patrick S

Sherry was our listing and selling agent.  During the time we had our home on the market, she consistently kept us updated and informed on every showing and market trends for our neighborhood.  When agents wanted to show our home at times most inconvenient for us Sherry was excellent at communicating and scheduling times that best met everyone’s satisfaction.  We really appreciated that since we were juggling two work schedules and our 18 month old son. She was also candid about staging our home to help make it more showable to potential buyers.   We received 3 offers on our home in which Sherry showed good negotiating and communication skills.  The third buyer was a cash offer.  That was a happy day for us.The most exciting day was when Sherry handed us the keys to our new home.  She then went the extra mile by catering our housewarming party which was something we did not expect.  WOW!  We now have the perfect home and space to raise our son, and we thank Sherry for helping make this happen.  She is a true professional and courteous Realtor, and has become a good friend.  We highly recommend her to our friends and family.   

Alen a

<em><strong>You two are both so fun to be with... we hope you will come by often to say "Hi"  Good Luck with your business! You are great and we wish you well.</strong></em>

Jeff &

Karmen was so incredibly great!!! This was the first house we had bought together and we couldn't have asked for anyone better. She was so patient with us and gave us time when we needed it. She is so knowledgeable about every thing we had to go through. And she was so great about opening the  house so family that was here for a reunion could see it. She was never "pushy" as some agents are. I will recommend her to anyone I know looking for a home. :-)

Kim B

Bob was solely dedicated to our needs and showed us numerous homes and areas in town while absorbing our responses to continuously refine the search for our ideal home. We were very appreciative of his care to include my out- of-state spouse in the process. The inspections, repairs and closing were handled professionally with our interests always in mind. We are very happy with the outcome. 

Rafael & Debbie Grau, Carmel, IN

Janet was very efficient, communicated well, and took care of everything, considering that I an 2500 milesaway, this was extremely important.  She was great!

Paul G

Ruth Krinke is a Realtor I would highly recommend to a friend. She worked hard and when a firm commitment was made, she guided me through the complications of selling a house that was in a trust. She was good and I needed her help.


Pat is a very experienced and professional broker. She has worked diligently to locate a winter home for me and is very responsive to my requests. She is very knowledgeable about the market and knows the area extremely well. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home in Tucson.


Pat Leahy is an AWESOME realtor! She goes above and beyond for her clients and their families. She is definitely my realtor for life and has become a very close family friend. I would recommend Pat to anyone looking for a home in the Tucson and surrounding areas.


Pat Leahy has the highest regards for the needs of each prospective home buyer. She is committed to the education an protection of her clients. I value her input and the integrity she brings to each transaction we have partnered on together.Chuck Leefers Senior Loan OfficerNova Home Loans

Chuck L

We met Pat in March of 2014 and during the course of our search for our dream home she has become family. Pat is good at what she does and is ALWAYS there when you need her. She is on the pulse of the local real estate market and always keeps you informed. She has an exceptional web of resources  and a great team of experts as well. I offer my highest recommendation and would refer her to any of my friends and family. We love our new home!!


We became acquainted with Al and Sandy after stopping at an open house hosted by Kindra Walker, one of their associates. We were visiting at the time, but planning on a near term move. Kindra provided a detailed summary of Al and Sandy's experience (and her own) and why she felt fortunate to be  working on their team. We liked the summary, liked Kindra, and reached out to her again to ask for their help in choosing a Tucson home. We were Hawaii-based at the onset (now recently settled in Tucson) and having their expertise was extremely helpful to us. As we were still in escrow on our Hawaii home and addressing our out of state move, we felt fortunate to have everything handled so seamlessly. We didn't have a single concern about how things were proceeding in our absence. When we needed help (e.g. getting recommendations on competitive pricing for home insurance), they referred us immediately to trusted professionals in their network. We closed escrow effortlessly - and happily for us - early, and felt so comfortable with the team that we asked them to help us with an investment purchase. We highly recommend their services. 

Kelly M

Sadly, the circumstances revolving my meeting Al and Sandy were my dad's passing in late January 2015. To complicate this sad event, my dad chose to marry his long time companion just weeks before his death. Acquiring a step mom at my tender age of 64 was awkward. However, I was glad that my dad  was happy. Upon settling his estate his new wife and my sister and I agreed to list and sell the house. The first real estate agent was attentive but could not deal with the rules placed upon access and showings of the house. Long story short, he quit and I then searched for another realtor. Enter, Al LaPeter and Sandy Kantor. They showed the patience of Job when dealing with my step mother. They price the home, sold and closed it. Success!! Many thanks to the LaPeter Kantor team!! 

Ceasar A

Sadly, the circumstances revolving my meeting Al and Sandy were my dad's passing in late January 2015. To complicate this sad event, my dad chose to marry his long time companion just weeks before his death. Acquiring a step mom at my tender age of 64 was awkward. However, I was glad that my dad  was happy. Upon settling his estate his new wife and my sister and I agreed to list and sell the house. The first real estate agent was attentive but could not deal with the rules placed upon access and showings of the house. Long story short, he quit and I then searched for another realtor. Enter, Al LaPeter and Sandy Kantor. They showed the patience of Job when dealing with my step mother. They price the home, sold and closed it. Success!! Many thanks to the LaPeter Kantor team!! 

Ceasar A

It was pure luck that I met Mr. LaPeter looking at a house in Honeybee. I mentioned to him that I had a lot that I had been trying to sell for about 5 years and in 12 hours, he looked at it (in the snow), took pictures and had a price in mind and we listed it. Less than a month later he had a  buyer and the sale was seamless. I have bought and sold several properties and the only problem I see is that Mr. LaPeter does not also have an office in California and Washington so I can use him there. He and his staff are great - and I am one that does not write reviews! 

Al P

I worked with the Vallee Gold team. They were great! She responded to every text, email, and call with in 15 minutes, every time, no matter the time of day or day of the week. She listened to what I was looking for and spent 3 months helping me find it. We saw well over 30 houses  (upon my request). She did not hesitate to re-arrange her schedule to fit mine. She was a pleasure to work with. If by chance she absolutely wasn't available someone else from the team stepped in and knew exactly what was going on and there was no delay in service. She even brought a very thoughtful house warming gift after the closing. If you are looking for a house I would definitely recommend the Vallee Gold team.

Amanda C

Debbie gave s excellent wervice.  Went above & beyond.  We especially appreciated the list of referrals for trades people in the area.  Always cheerful and very helpful.


Mike also helped me buy my home 3 years ago. He did such a good job and was very good at make the process so easy I had him back to help me sell my home. I would highly recommend him to anyone.............

MaryAnne H

Angela is energetic and knows the real estate market. Her knowledge and advice was welcomed when we listed our house with her. We listened and our house sold quickly. We highly recommend Angela. She lived up to her reputation on every level. If you want to sell your house, call Angela. If you want to purchase a house, call Angela. You will not be disappointed. 

Hap &

We are writing this letter because you should know that you have one of the best realtors in the country representing you and working for you. We have dealt with many realtors in Michigan,Nevada,Hawaii & Cailifornia and Cindie is by far the best one we have ever dealt with. Here attention to detail and looking out for the byuer is above and beyond we have ever seen by anyone.We were fortunate the we made the call to your Realty Company one day and Cindie receivedthat call. She is the BEST realtor we have EVER dealt with undoubtably. You are fortuante to have her respresnting  you.

Jessie A

Kim worked so hard to help me find a house to fit my budget and needs. I would definitely call her again if I needed to buy another house or sell this one.


Mike was great to work with. He was honest and knowledgeable and very responsive. I would recommend him as an agent. He went beyond being an agent and has helped me in other areas getting the house ready.

Michael G

Dear Ralph,I wish to personally  "thank  You" for your cooperation during  our recent  transaction.    I sincerely appreciate  the opportunity   to work  with  a professional  like yourself. Being a professional  is what  I strive for each and every day in running my business. It is also very apparent that you do too!  It was truly a pleasure working with you. Best wishes for a wonderful  & productive year.Warm regards,Kathy


Mike assisted us in both buying, selling and most recently purchasing a home all within a 5 year period. He was always a step ahead of the game , which made the process fun and yet remained focused and professional. He listened and followed through without compromising due  diligence. We will never use another realtor while in AZ- He is  also now our great friend.

Carmen G

Mike is ALWAYS available. He has sold two homes for me and helped me find and purchase my current home. I would absolutely use him again.

Nancy M

I was recently contacted by Pat a few days ago, regarding a possible move from California to Arizona. Just 14 minutes after requesting more info about a house search there she was on the phone with a reply. I spoke to her and immediately felt at ease and within 10 minutes opened up to her about  my entire family and our goals. I was impressed by her friendliness, people skills, knowledge and immediate responsiveness to my house hunting questions. For example, I received a friendly video message from her following the call, a Buyers Advisory and a lender recommendation by the 2nd day of contact. I felt no pressure from her at all. She has also offered to show us around Arizona during spring break. She is awesome


First class! Don and his staff were/are amazing. I put Don through the ringer and he was more than professional and patient. Thank you Don. I am very honored and please to give you the best possible recommendation.

Tim S

Marcia & Jerry were very professional and so helpful.  I will be recommending them to anyone who is looking for a house.


Al and Sandy are fantastic. Sandy did a fabulous job at staging and marketing our home. Al was very responsive and offered great advise during the entire sale process. They are the best in town- we highly recommend them to anyone selling their home.

Suela M

Al is a true professional. He is responsive to all inquiries, works diligently and gets the job done. He recently sold our house in Tucson, AZ. We highly recommend him and would definitely engage his services in the future.

Judy R

I needed to sell my mother's house and I contacted Al LaPeter at Long Realty because the majority of the houses selling in the neighborhood were from his agency. I wasn't disappointed one bit! Al was a complete professional in helping us get the house ready to go on the market. He kept us informed  weekly of any activity going on with the house which was very helpful for me living out of state. He kept us on track with what we needed to do to sell the house quickly and I'm ever so grateful for that. He is a master of his profession and I wouldn't acetate to call on him in the future when I 'am ready to retire to Arizona. 

Kelly B

Rick was referred by a friend.  He was excellent.

Jack A

Excellent.  The best agent we have ever had.  Responsive, positive and looked after us extremely well.


Rick Mohn did a good job and followed up with inspection problems.  I'm very satisfied with his service.

Rose W

Through the total experience, Ruth was with us. The simple words:  "Thank you" are not enough to express our appreciation. The help, guidance, assistance and friendship that she has given to us is something that we will forever be grateful. And now, we do own a winter home in Arizona--and we Love It!

George &

Very good serevice.  Helped with repairs to make property more attractive.

Alphonz L

Sherry, we can not thank you enough for all of your assistance in our getting our wonderful home. We will have lots of friends coming to visit and we will share hem with you to find a home.Ted and Jan

Jennifer if the best agent I have ever had an experience with buying a home.  

Dave. W

My wife and I were extremely pleased with the service that Angela provided in our recent home search. She was very responsive to our requests, she knew our desired area like the back of her hand, and she spent the time with us that we needed to make a decision. Her "service to a 'T'" tagline is more than simple marketing, she has helped us prepare for our relocation with several above-and-beyond services, even after the sale. Highly recommended

Jim &

Karmen is a tough negotiator and the real estate professional that you want in your corner if you are a buyer or seller. My experience was nothing but positive as she often went beyond my requests and expectations irrespective of her own self-interest and always to my benefit. If you of are about  ready to buy or sell a home in the greater Tucson area, Karmen should be your first choice- I can provide a list of other agents to avoid

Jon O

Brenda O'Brien did a great job representing my interests during the sale of my home in Marana. Brenda was recommended by my brother-in-law and she me my expectations. My transaction had to be done long distance while I was already in another state. Everything went more smoothly that I had hoped. Thank you Brenda

Uldis K

Al is a very knowledgeable and professional real estate agent. He knows the local market and acts with the utmost integrity to assure that his client will receive the best buy for his money. He follows the daily listings and remains informed as to any changes that may occur. He has many years of  experience in the field and uses his knowledge in expert negotiating and overseeing the processes needed to procure a fair and competent sale.

Ric R

Our experience with Al and Sandy was , in a word, outstanding. From our initial contact on the internet to our first meeting to the purchase of our new home, they were prompt and thoroughly professional. Their extensive real estate experience helped us tighten up our search so we saw only  properties within our desired geographical location and price range, but with a sufficient number of properties to help us make our decision; thus, no wasted time. Al and Sandy are very personable and they made our house search productive and pleasurable. They understand and and respect the seriousness of buying a new home and were excellent shepherds in guiding us to the perfect new home for us. We would highly recommend using Al and Sandy to buy or sell real estate in the Tucson market.

Claudia M

Kim worked to help us find our first home. What I appreciated most about working with her was her responsiveness; she always responded promptly to our questions (of which there were many). My husband and I were first-time home buyers, and it was great to have someone experienced help us along the  way. I should note we had a very specific vision in mind - a house on the river. Inventory was low, and because of that comparable were few and far between. Kim was very patient, and worked with us for over a year before we found "the one." I never felt any pressure to purchase, and she definitely looked out us every step of the way!

Brian a

Debbie is an awesome realtor.  Debbie has great skill in helping her clients feel very comfortable when going through the complicated paperwork with selling and buying a new home.  I have never had a real estate agent that has made me feel as comfortable as Debbie did and I have sold and bought a lot of different properties.


"Arvind and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Deidre as she made the experience of selling and buying a home actually enjoyable!  Deidre is an energetic, informed, detail oriented andconcerned agent.  Her humor and friendship were free bonuses."

Cynthia F

"Arvind and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Deidre as she made the experience of selling and buying a home actually enjoyable!  Deidre is an energetic, informed, detail oriented andconcerned agent.  Her humor and friendship were free bonuses."

Cynthia F

"From the moment we met Deidre we knew she was the right person for our buying and selling needs.  Deidre listened to our wants and concerns and provided listings that reflected them.  She provided great insight into the process of both purchasing and selling a property that allowed us to be happy and informed about the transactions we made.  I would strongly advise anyone who is lookingto purchase or sell an investment or home to contact her she is dedicated and disciplined and you will not be disappointed." 


"Of all the realtors I have had dealings with over the last thirty years, I consider Deidre Larrabee to be the one that I most prefer to represent me.Deidre is a tireless worker who actually is more concerned in fulfilling her clients needs and desires than "selling whatever - just to close the deal".It is a wonderful feeling to know that you have a knowledgeable professional willing to counsel you in the very important but risky business of buying or selling property.”

Marilyn G

Bill and Beth found us our dream home. Love it.  Good work.

Ken &

Excellent!  Superb!  Debbie is very professional & knowledgeable & reliable.  Always returnd calls/emails in a timely manner - always had a smile.  She is an amazing person who just happens to be a realtor.  This was the smoothest move we have ever experienced & that was due to Debbie's expertise.  We totally respect her & those people & services she recommends.


We couldn’t be happier with the house and neighborhood that Stephen found for us. He took the time to get to know us while looking at the homes we brought to him from the internet. Once he did, he suggested the perfect house in a great neighborhood that wasn’t on our list and we might have dismissed based on the pictures online. We are so glad he did.Stephen was prompt and worked hard to make sure we had the info and answers we needed throughout the entire process. I would not hesitate to work with him again or recommend him to family or friends.

Bill &

Sharon's technical expertise, attention to detail, and fine sense of human relations moved this transaction without a hitch.  She is eager to go the extra mile!

Esq. M

We thoroughly enjoyed having Sherry as our real estate agent. She made our home search fun and, despite having serious family issues take her out of Tucson temporarily, she managed to stay on top of what was going on with us, as well as smoothing out some rough patches during the buying process!  We would surely recommend Sherry to anyone we might encounter who may be considering buying a home in Tucson.  She was such an asset to our home search and purchase.

George a

Unbelievable talent, and very knowledgeable for the foothills. We have bought and sold 8 properties in the last 15 years, she was the best by far! Class and and great taste, she gets what you are dreaming of; and she is direct - yet down to earth. She and Ron are an incredible team; and as a team  they offer the best response you could get. Thanks Patsy and Ron!

Denise p

Debbie is the best. She went out of her way to help us at all times. She always answered our questions & helped us get things done. She was referred by my brother.

Larry &

Angela was a fantastic agent, both for us as the buyer, and the sellers. She gives huge added value by helping the new owner with all the myriad details in sorting a new house and neighborhood. Her energy and great happy enthusiastic attitude made the whole process a pleasant one.

Bill C

Dyann came in with a plan and used every tool they had available - and then some. Social media, email, various websites and of course, her own vast network were used. Holding a couple open houses and getting the word out to other professionals helped to secure an offer in 3 weeks. Thanks to Dyann for a job well done!


Don did a great job for us! Selling one's home is a hard thing to do. Don was very knowledgeable and patient in helping us make the decision. Once we decided to sell, Don and his team dove right in, and got us listed and on the market. Most importantly, he got quick results. Good job Don! 

Ted B

Our home had been on the market for a year when Al took it over. He was amazing and it only took a month after that. He certainly has our gratitude and respect. We would call on him again.

Marietta F

We had a great experience with both Sandy and Al ,,They sold our house and found us another one within one month...Good Job we interviewed many realtors and they stood out as someone who could do the job and they did... Margaret Leonard

Margaret L

One word: EXCELLENT!  Debbie did it all!

Ron K

Team realtor approach, priceless! We were kept well informed on every aspect of the sale. Cannot recommend highly enough. A trio that has your best interests in the sale or purchase of a home as their top priority.


We enjoyed so much working with Linda on the sale of our house.

Harvey a

John and Megan helped us buy a house in Tucson and they were outstanding. As out of state buyers, you want an agent that is responsive and on top of things and they were both. We made a couple weekend trips to look at houses and they had everything set up well and even provided us a bound booklet of all the properties we would look at that day. When it came time for the offer and escrow, we relied heavily on John's knowledge as he guided us through aspects unique to Arizona and Tucson. They were truly trusted partners throughout the entire process. After escrow, the relationship hasn't ended. John came to turn our heat on when a hard freeze was predicted prior to our move in date and we aren't close to town so it was a bit of a drive. That's just one example of the great service that John and Megan provide. Also, we constantly ask John for local recommendations and he always has someone trust worthy to recommend. If you are looking to buy or sell property in the Tucson area you can't have any better team on your side than John and Megan.

Alan &

We used Lori on a scouting trip to the Tucson area. She was very knowledgeable about multiple neighborhoods and went above and beyond in her professionalism and assistance. I can highly recommend herResponse from Lori Mares Team on 05/02/2015Thank you for the kind words - I love showing off Tucson and appreciate the opportunity!! 


Brenda is a complete professional. At our first “pre-listing” meeting she came with a marketing kit that was complete, detailed and totally organized. In my 40 years of real estate (as a savings bank executive, etc), I have never seen a more professional Realtor. She is supported by a great team

Ron D

It was excellent service. We couldn't have asked for a more friendly and caring person.

Gerald &

Selling my lot in Stone Canyon was no easy task considering the abundance of lots available at this exclusive golf course. In this general Tucson area the real estate market is slowly recovering but there is major competition from many other golf courses and residential developments. Stephen’s previous career as a golf professional – no doubt assisted in dealing with clients who were looking for advice on real estate investments in this area. His expertise and patience while negotiating with the buyer required a lot of extra effort due to the additional time it took for the buyer to get his finances arranged to close on the purchase of my property.Additional complications arose on my end due to estate issues, corporate transfer, taxes, etc. plus the fact that as a Canadian there was a complicated review required by the U.S.A. foreign investment department. The person Stephen recommended on this subject was excellent and his personal contacts with the Title Insurance firm also helped in the final sale. My longer range plans are to continue as a member at Stone Canyon and in the future I hope to be able to recommend Stephen to other potential real estate customers.

Craig W

Dear Michelle  & Ralph, Thank you so very much for helping to make  our new home  purchase a pleasant and  easy transaction.   You're amazing!   We deeply want  to thank  you for your generous donation  to Long Cares Foundation  on our behalf.   What  a truly  thoughtful   gesture. Thank  again for everything;  we will definitely   have you over for dinner  soon. Love,Geralyn and Gerry

Gerry &

Being a first time home buyer is very nerve racking, Nora was right there the whole way and helped make the transaction a smooth and positive experience. Nora was very organized and was always right there to answer any questions we had or to help anyway she could. We are now in a home that we absolutely love and thanks to Nora, there were no big surprises along the way, she was very thorough in explaining the whole home buying process and letting us know what we should expect along the way. If you’re looking for a realtor who is willing to go that extra mile for you, Nora should be at the the top of your list! Give her a call, you’ll be very pleased that you did. 

Brian B